Internet Marketing And Inner Roadblocks

Internet Marketing – Desire To Move Forward And Inner Roadblocks

Everyone who has been in Internet Marketing for a while may have realized this phenomena of inner roadblocks. You want to get somewhere, you want to do some advertising and marketing and joining a new program, but somehow, you just cannot do it. It just does not feel right, although all parameters seem to be good and doing the actions just seems to be a routine easlily done.

What To Do In Situations Like This?

If I were you, I would wait, if this is somehow possible. Sometimes there is no such choice, I know, and you have to act, but if there is such choice, I would decide not to act, and wait until the inner roadblocks are gone, and the inner lights show a clear green sign again.

If you do have to act, be sure not to expect the best outcomes. Usually the action is not worth it, if you do not feel like it. This is my experience.
So, if you know how you feel, you can know what to expect from any given action and you will be less dissapointed, if there are no results.

Why Are There These Inner Roadblocks?

These inner roadblocks are part of your inner guiding system. This inner guiding system usually has a far broader perspective than any human perspective will ever be able to offer, so I would consider it as wise to listen inside and follow this inner feeling guidance whereever possible.

This inner guidance system knows far more things and details than you will ever be able to understand, so trying to ask “Why?” and “How?” and so on, will not give you satisfying answers, primarily because most humans nowadays will not be able to fully understand the answers that would be coming forth from your higher self.

These inner roadblocks are often a sign for trying to make things happen too much through taking action, and by coming from a point of lack, instead of a point of abundance. So sitting back and analyzing the reasons and motivations of ones so desired actions and outcomes may be a good idea, before blindly rushing into things.

Conclusions Concerning Inner Roadblocks

Do not try to run down inner roadblocks, just wait, they will usually be dissolving themselfs in the near future, if you start asking the right questions on your true and honest reasons for actions.

In Closing

I know this “inner roadblocks” subject is the high art of self-development, self-discovery and self-knowledge. I just wanted to scratch the subject with the ultimate advise, not to run down those inner roadblocks.

I know, the whole subject has the capacity to fill books (a good book title could be: “About The Kingdom Within”), but I did not even wanted to go in the direction of a deeper uncovering here, as I think everyone needs to go this path on their own and a verbal uncovering here – from my perspective – does not seem helpful to anyone at this moment in time.

Internet Marketing Inside – Follow The Trail

Internet And Network Marketing Inside – Follow The Trail

I am pretty sure there are some people out there who already heard of this “Follow the trail” saying; but what does it actually mean?

Rise Your Awareness

This is in my opinion a very important clue to solving this little secret behind the “Follow The Trail” saying. Before you join an opportunity it is absolutely helpful to realize how you came to joining this given opportunity.

Was it because you got an email from a friend? Was it because you surfed a traffic-exchange program, or because you did a google search and stumbled over this opportunity because of that search?

This Is The Trail To Follow

By being aware on how an opportunity found you, or you found the opportunity will give you an important inside on how this opportunity might primarily be promoted, and whether this might be something for you; more precise whether this marketing channel can be mastered and utilized by you. Do you have the skills to do it this way, is this way of promoting the given opportunity really the best possible way to promote this exact opportunity?

Why Should This “Follow The Trail” Thing Be Considered

Getting an awareness of how opportunities are promoted will of course not mean that this is the only way a given business opportunity is brought to market, but I think it is a helpful piece of the decision making puzzle whether a certain opportunity is really worth joining from your part.

It might for example give you an idea on what is required in order to succeed with an opportunity and whether you are able and willing to do what is necessary in order to succeed on a given path.

In Closing

“Follow the trail” is definitely not the only thing you should consider before making a decision in joining an opportunity program, but it should become a habit that runs in the background and should ideally be a part of the influencing pattern which makes up your final decision whether to join an opportunity system or not.

Traffic Generation

Internet Marketing And The Art Of Traffic Generation

Why is traffic generation so vital to your internet marketing success?

Without enough visitors and internet traffic, you will not generate sign-ups, leads and sales which will get you out of business over time. It is actually very obvious that the most important part of your business activity should be about finding sources of traffic to send to your opportunity-website. There are many ways to do that, free and paid options, and the difficult part is to find a way that is suitable for you and the product or service you want to bring to the market.

Let’s be straight. What sort of traffic is there and what kind of traffic should I be looking for?

Before you get more specific, you should be aware that there are different types of traffic that you can tap into. There is unforced and forced traffic, targeted and untargeted traffic, and free and paid traffic. You might find more ways of diversification the more you go into detail, but I think the general diversification is good enough. The best type of traffic that you can get is unforced, targeted and free traffic, and of course this is the hardest to find, as you might imagine.

For those who need it, I will explain it really quick:

Unforced traffic are visitors coming to your site because they choose to, not because they are getting some sort of reward like in traffic-exchanges, or paid-to-click-sites. The more unforced the better, because these unforced traffic visitors usually are looking for something that you can offer them. Of course, absolutely unforced is not really marketing or advertising anymore, it has more to do with content providing, right?

Targeted traffic is a way of advertising to a group of people where you know that they have general interest in what you have to offer. Targeted advertising would be, promoting your business opportunity to an email-list of people being interested in business opportunities.

And finally what is free traffic, and why is it better than paid traffic? It is self evident that if you can find a method to get your marketing message out without paying someone for it, will leave you with more money in the pocket than paying for your advertisement. Especially as advertising is a somehow risky product, as you never know in advance, how effective it will ultimately be, means, how much revenue you will get from every dollar you invested in a certain form of advertising.

Now, what specific ideas are there for traffic generation?

First of all, there are endless options to generate traffic, and new ways are being created while I am writing this post. I do not want to give you a complete listing, as this is not doable, I assume, and I can also not guarantee that any of the traffic generation ideas I will present here will be helpful for you and your endeavor.
The intent here is more about inspiring you, to give you some ideas that you might eventually be able to test drive for yourself.

The first of the following listings are systems and programs, which offer advertising as a core product, but also some nice additional features. I highly recommend to check them out, as they are usually free to join and do offer extra values besides the advertising.

The second listing will be pure advertising sources and ideas, some are free, but usually you need to pay for them.

Advertising Systems And Marketing Oriented Programs

  1. My number one recommendation for traffic generation through a marketing system would be LeadsLeap. LeadsLeap is a traffic exchange, paid-to-click and a text ad advertising service. You can get free traffic here, which is only partly unforced, targeted to advertising and money making opportunities. Great additional features and good results make LeadsLeap a really must join traffic generation option.
    Click here to learn more about LeadsLeap
  2. EasyHits4u is another free to join program. EasyHits4u is a traffic exchange with some social networking features. You get a good 1:1 traffic exchange rate and it is very well and nice put together to give everyone an enjoyable surfing experience. As EasyHits4u is a traffic exchange, it is forced traffic, targeted markets would be paid-to-click, money making and advertising, but the good thing it is free if you do your own surfing.
    Click here to check out EasyHits4u

Pure Advertising Sources

  1. Udimi is a great source for email solo ads. For everyone who have not heard about it, email solo ads are the best converting traffic that you can usually get. It is usually targeted, unforced, and expensive. That is the bad news here, but everyone who tried email solo ads, knows that they are usually worth the money.
    Click here to get to Udimi
  2. A free method to drive traffic is by joining free advertising and marketing groups on Facebook and posting your ad or website there. Make sure these groups are really set up for the purpose of advertising and explicitly allow you to post your ad. This sort of traffic is free, usually not targeted, but unforced.
    As the competition in these groups is high, it needs patience and persistence, and the effectiveness is far poorer than with other advertising sources. Advantage: It is free.
  3. Another free method would be to join twitter and follow some people in your field of interest. Some may follow you back. Keep going this path and you have a way to bring your advertising messages out there. I personally have not been able to try this method, but if you implement it in the right way, and offer some value besides your marketing messages, I could imagine that this might work.

One Last Important Thought Concerning Traffic

We learned that traffic can be free vs. paid, targeted vs. untargeted, unforced vs. forced, but the most important point is: Does it produce results for you.

Everything else is pretty much unimportant. It is also unimportant whether an advertising source did produce results for anyone else, if the advertising does not produce results for you, and that is what I would call the effectiveness of an advertising source. A marketing source needs to be effective for you, that is what is important at the end of the day.

And the only way of proving an advertising source as effective for you, you need to try it.

Internet Marketing Business Models

Following Are The Most Common Online Business Models For The Purpose Of Generating Income Streams

This is going to be an overview, a sketch and so it cannot be complete and other eyes – could be you – will see it a bit different. The intent here is not to explain in detail all the different business opportunities, trends and schemes, but rather to give you an overview and show you the most broadly accepted terms, ideas and streams that the internet provides in order to make money.

Here you will NOT learn about different methods of traffic generation, it is about WHERE you are driving your traffic and visitors. It is about how you make money, how you will hopefully be paid at the end of the day.

As this is cleared, let’s go…

1. Digital Product Creation, Blogging

Digital products can be anything from a whole blog with lots of information, a single website with an article on it, a YouTube-video, a pdf-file, you name it.
You create something like this and bring it through internet marketing into the market. Sounds simple but to successfully do it, it usually takes a lot of work, time and – to be honest – it most likely is not for everyone.

2. Multi Level Marketing (MLM), Marketing Systems, Affiliation

This is the most popular way of monetizing your internet marketing efforts, and the diversity of opportunities and business models of different systems is huge and they cover all types of products and commissioning models you might ever be able to imagine.

Multi Level Marketing companies pay you on product sales and on product sales of people you bring in who also sell the products further on; and this through more than one level, often many levels. What makes MLM interesting to most people is that it can provide you with a residual income once you have enough people in your team doing the selling and recruiting, so that you earn without the need of action on your part. Problem: Based upon experience this is harder to achieve than you might think and as it may sound here, in these few words.

Marketing Systems, often referred to as sales funnels, are systems you can promote in order to find customers for your MLM or Direct Sales opportunity. The idea behind it is that people who join your opportunity through your Marketing System can now also utilize the Marketing System for the purpose of selling the opportunity, product or service. This is especially popular with MLM opportunities. Of course it is also possible to just promote the Marketing System. Problem: Can be a bit confusing, so that interested people may get lost along the way.

Affiliation, also known as Affiliate Marketing, is the sale of products for a third party company. Usually the products are ready to sell, there are marketing materials available for you, and often marketing sales pages. You get a commission on every product sale generated through you. this seems to be one of the easiest ways to make money online, but the challenges here are often a huge competition through other marketers and the commissions are often pretty low. Also it is usually harder with affiliate marketing to get into the area where you are earning a residual income, this of course depends on the product or the service that you are promoting and how it is billed. A monthly membership, for example may give you some residual income, once sold.

3. Investment Opportunities, Ponzi Schemes

The most passive, but also the most riskiest way of making money online are so called High Yield Investment Programs (HYIP). These programs offer high returns on an investment, often more than 1% per day, and also pay commissions for referring new members.

Although some of these services might be really investing and making high returns, most of them are ponzi schemes, paying old investors with the money of new investors; and as they usually do not openly tell people about it (Who would join a ponzi scheme, if he knew it was a ponzi scheme?), this schemes can be considered fraud.

At present many ponzi schemes masquerade as so called “Bitcoin Cloud Mining Services”, and although there are a couple of legit bitcoin cloud mining services who are really mining bitcoin and giving investors the opportunity to invest in their hardware and pay them from their mining gains, most of these services never mined and will never mine; they are just ponzi schemes.Investment opportunities on the internet can be very profitable, especially if you are able to refer a couple of new investors, but the problem is to spot the few good, honest and legit ones between all of the scams.

4. Scams

Last and least are scams. There are many of them, and I assume nearly everyone in internet marketing at a time fell pray to one or more scams. Scams usually promise a lot end never deliver. They ask for huge amounts of money for useless and worthless products and services, usually with the promise of making you rich. You do the hard work, but you will – of course – fail, because no-one buys useless, overpriced products; and no-one wants to sell them. Except those who have fallen pray to the web of illusions spun by the scam artists.

Nearly everyone long enough in the internet marketing game has fallen prey to a scammer, it nearly seems to be part of the learning curve. Experience will help you smell scammers a mile against the wind, but newbies and part-timers often have a hard time with them, especially in the beginning.It is helpful to do some research on your own before joining blindly into an opportunity or online system, and if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

Also make sure you have a reasonably priced product that might be used by people, and that you can test a system for free as long as you want to before spending some of your hard earned money on it.Another strong warning sign for a scam is, if you would only join an opportunity because of the sometimes absurd dreams of riches it wants to lead you to believe in.

In Closing

That’s it. these are the most common ways of monetizing your online marketing efforts, and the scam-thing that you need to be aware of before joining an opportunity.

Of course their a sideways and other methods, and new ways may arise in the future, but I think this short list here will give you an overview and might also help you in avoiding the darker side of the internet marketing branch represented by the scam artists. Scams may make a few people very rich fast, but it is a dirty way of getting money with lots of broken dreams in the backyard. I can only recommend to avoid them, and get out of them, once you realize you felt into one.

ClickSense Reviewed

What Is ClickSense And Is It Worth Joining?

Some of you might have heard of ClickSense and now they are wondering, whether it is a good program to join. You might wonder what the potential is and whether it is worth joining and taking part in it.

I joined ClickSense quite a while ago and by now I think it is a good program, especially because of the many facets it offers.

What is included in ClickSense?

You can do surveys, tasks and offers and you get paid for it. It is not a lot, but it can sum up, based upon the time and effort you invest. The rewards you will get differ a lot from offer to offer, so it is nearly impossible to give you any numbers on what you can potentially earn.

You also have the possibility to recommend ClickSense to others and earn up to 20% referral commissions (may be subject to change) on the earnings of your direct referrals.

As there is no membership fee or anything like that, there is no way of loosing any money, which means everyone is winning with ClickSense, in relation to the time and effort invested, which is – at least from my point of view – a cool thing.

Click the Banner below, if you want to earn some money on ClickSense:

ClixSense - Advertising that Pays You

Is ClickSense Trustworthy?

It is always good to ask some questions and find out whether a program is worth your time invested.

ClickSense started out as a paid-to-click website, but just recently decided to no longer offer paid-to-click and advertising services, but to focus on surveys, tasks and offers and maybe other ways to make some money online in the near future.

Since 2007 ClickSense is online and providing its services and so I think we can assume that ClickSense is trustworthy, and a safe place on the internet.

How Will you be Paid From ClickSense?

At present ClickSense offers Payza, Neteller, Payoneer, Skrill, Paytoo and Tango Card as payment options. Other options might be added in the future, but I think with these options there should be something for everyone.

You can join ClickSense now and for free by  clicking the banner below:

ClixSense - Advertising that Pays You


ClickSense is one of the oldest and most established survey sites on the internet with a huge membership base. So it is most likely here to stay.
As it is free to join, there is no real risk and I think ClickSense can be worthwhile for people interested in it.

LeadsLeap Advertising System – Reviewed

Maybe You Have Heard About LeadsLeap And Wonder Whether Is Is Worth The While? Keep Reading To Learn More…

What Is LeadsLeap?

LeadsLeap is an unique Traffic-Exchange (TE), a Paid-To-Click (PTC) site and offers extremely valuable Text-Ad-Advertising. Furthermore it offers some really cool tools, like a Link-Tracker, a Popup-Generator and some other, as well as training tutorials. You could say it is an internet marketing toolbox, with many easy to use and ready to go applications.

LeadsLeap is really amazing, especially as it is very well put together and functioning as it is promised, all day long. We all know there are many promises out there, and often programs and system are not even close to being able to deliver on these promises. This is different with LeadsLeap.

LeadsLeap is free to join, although some advanced features do cost a low monthly fee, but there are many members still using only the free features after years, because they really offer value.

Click Here Now To Join LeadsLeap

I know, you might be skeptical whether LeadsLeap is really worth the effort of joining, and giving it a try. All I can say here is, if I were you, just do it. The value, that you will get for free is definitely worth it.

Why Is The LeadsLeap Traffic-Exchange So Unique, You Might Wonder?

The brilliant part with the LeadLeap Traffic-Exchange is that you get credited for every 5 seconds that you are actively surfing a site and you will keep getting credited every 5 seconds for up to 5 minutes. Yes of course you have to be actively surfing the site, otherwise you will not be credited. This is really cool and innovative, as you do not need to rush to the next site, if one website caught your interest.

Is The LeadsLeap Link-Tracker Worth The Time?

The free Link-Tracker you will get with LeadsLeap does not only track visitors and hits, but also gives you clues whether these visitors are real or just bots. This is an amazing feature to find out whether a traffic source is worth the money and effort, or not. The full version of the Link-Tracker is included in your free LeadsLeap membership.

Just click the banner below to join LeadsLeap now:

Click Here To Join LeadsLeap Now.

I Could Go On For Hours…

… Telling you more about the functions of LeadsLeap and how it works – and maybe I will ad to this short article in the near future – but I actually think it is far more pleasing to uncover things live and for real. So just click below and get started with LeadsLeap.

Click Here Now To Join LeadsLeap

Be aware, LeadsLeap is save, free to join and very well done. If you do not like what you will find inside, you can leave with the click of a button and that’s it. If you don’t want to stay and take value out of LeadsLeap, you are always free to leave.

PS: Did I mention the List-Building tool integrated in LeadsLeap? Trust me, you have to check this out. The combination of list-building and keeping people on your list motivated and tuned in is absolutely unique and unseen in the internet marketing industry so far.

Do not wait another minute, join now:

Click Here To Join LeadsLeap Now.

Thanks for reading this LeadsLeap review until its end, and I hope you found some value in it. Hopefully until next time.

To Your Success,