Traffic Generation

Internet Marketing And The Art Of Traffic Generation

Why is traffic generation so vital to your internet marketing success?

Without enough visitors and internet traffic, you will not generate sign-ups, leads and sales which will get you out of business over time. It is actually very obvious that the most important part of your business activity should be about finding sources of traffic to send to your opportunity-website. There are many ways to do that, free and paid options, and the difficult part is to find a way that is suitable for you and the product or service you want to bring to the market.

Let’s be straight. What sort of traffic is there and what kind of traffic should I be looking for?

Before you get more specific, you should be aware that there are different types of traffic that you can tap into. There is unforced and forced traffic, targeted and untargeted traffic, and free and paid traffic. You might find more ways of diversification the more you go into detail, but I think the general diversification is good enough. The best type of traffic that you can get is unforced, targeted and free traffic, and of course this is the hardest to find, as you might imagine.

For those who need it, I will explain it really quick:

Unforced traffic are visitors coming to your site because they choose to, not because they are getting some sort of reward like in traffic-exchanges, or paid-to-click-sites. The more unforced the better, because these unforced traffic visitors usually are looking for something that you can offer them. Of course, absolutely unforced is not really marketing or advertising anymore, it has more to do with content providing, right?

Targeted traffic is a way of advertising to a group of people where you know that they have general interest in what you have to offer. Targeted advertising would be, promoting your business opportunity to an email-list of people being interested in business opportunities.

And finally what is free traffic, and why is it better than paid traffic? It is self evident that if you can find a method to get your marketing message out without paying someone for it, will leave you with more money in the pocket than paying for your advertisement. Especially as advertising is a somehow risky product, as you never know in advance, how effective it will ultimately be, means, how much revenue you will get from every dollar you invested in a certain form of advertising.

Now, what specific ideas are there for traffic generation?

First of all, there are endless options to generate traffic, and new ways are being created while I am writing this post. I do not want to give you a complete listing, as this is not doable, I assume, and I can also not guarantee that any of the traffic generation ideas I will present here will be helpful for you and your endeavor.
The intent here is more about inspiring you, to give you some ideas that you might eventually be able to test drive for yourself.

The first of the following listings are systems and programs, which offer advertising as a core product, but also some nice additional features. I highly recommend to check them out, as they are usually free to join and do offer extra values besides the advertising.

The second listing will be pure advertising sources and ideas, some are free, but usually you need to pay for them.

Advertising Systems And Marketing Oriented Programs

  1. My number one recommendation for traffic generation through a marketing system would be LeadsLeap. LeadsLeap is a traffic exchange, paid-to-click and a text ad advertising service. You can get free traffic here, which is only partly unforced, targeted to advertising and money making opportunities. Great additional features and good results make LeadsLeap a really must join traffic generation option.
    Click here to learn more about LeadsLeap
  2. EasyHits4u is another free to join program. EasyHits4u is a traffic exchange with some social networking features. You get a good 1:1 traffic exchange rate and it is very well and nice put together to give everyone an enjoyable surfing experience. As EasyHits4u is a traffic exchange, it is forced traffic, targeted markets would be paid-to-click, money making and advertising, but the good thing it is free if you do your own surfing.
    Click here to check out EasyHits4u

Pure Advertising Sources

  1. Udimi is a great source for email solo ads. For everyone who have not heard about it, email solo ads are the best converting traffic that you can usually get. It is usually targeted, unforced, and expensive. That is the bad news here, but everyone who tried email solo ads, knows that they are usually worth the money.
    Click here to get to Udimi
  2. A free method to drive traffic is by joining free advertising and marketing groups on Facebook and posting your ad or website there. Make sure these groups are really set up for the purpose of advertising and explicitly allow you to post your ad. This sort of traffic is free, usually not targeted, but unforced.
    As the competition in these groups is high, it needs patience and persistence, and the effectiveness is far poorer than with other advertising sources. Advantage: It is free.
  3. Another free method would be to join twitter and follow some people in your field of interest. Some may follow you back. Keep going this path and you have a way to bring your advertising messages out there. I personally have not been able to try this method, but if you implement it in the right way, and offer some value besides your marketing messages, I could imagine that this might work.

One Last Important Thought Concerning Traffic

We learned that traffic can be free vs. paid, targeted vs. untargeted, unforced vs. forced, but the most important point is: Does it produce results for you.

Everything else is pretty much unimportant. It is also unimportant whether an advertising source did produce results for anyone else, if the advertising does not produce results for you, and that is what I would call the effectiveness of an advertising source. A marketing source needs to be effective for you, that is what is important at the end of the day.

And the only way of proving an advertising source as effective for you, you need to try it.