How To Be All-In For Internet Marketing Success

There might be people out there who tried to succeed in Internet Marketing for quite a while but never really had any successes that could be measured monetarily.

You may have tried some programs, techniques and methods, but either the method or program failed, or you were unable to make it work.

Most people fail online

First of all you need to know that there are far more people out there that will share your experience than you might think. I am not 100% sure, but if I had a guess, I would say at least 80% of all people trying to make money online never actually make any money.

Most of these people get out of the Internet Marketing game faster than they got into it, but if you are still reading here, you might be one of the few people still believing that Internet Marketing might be a way to help you fulfill at least some of your dreams.

What exactly means “All-In”?

The idea which I want you to become aware of today to make a leap forward in your Internet Marketing Career and to finally see some results is borrowed from the famous game called poker and is a strategic move called “All-In”.

Before you can do this “All-In-Move”, which simple means that you dedicate all your resources (most likely these resources are time and money) into the opportunities at hand, you should of course be sure that the vision, the plan and the opportunities you want to utilize are worth the while. This way you minimize the risk of blowing your resources into here-today-and-gone-tomorrow programs.

Once you found a good money making opportunity and at least one trustworthy traffic source, you sign-up for these programs and make them work in a way far beyond average. The idea is to really put all your faculties into it without holding anything back.

Night and day, day and night you need to be thinking, working, planning, investing and educating yourself to make the programs work for you.

This can take some while and might need some effort from your part, but it could also be pretty simple and close to effortless; this is primarily dependent upon your inner attitude towards the “All-in-idea” and of course how well you prepared yourself for the success you want to reach.

Very important to be aware of is, that it might not only be a thing of action, but especially a thing of focusing. Being focused on the successful outcome you are envisioning right now for the combination of opportunities you have chosen to invest yourself into and focus upon.

How to proceed if the results are poor

Once you are “All-in” for a while and the desired results are not showing up, it might of course be clever to check all parameters and the programs and your thoughts and actions to check out why things did not work out the way you wanted to.

After such an analysis, just do the necessary changes and try again. If once again the results are not showing up, you might consider having unrealistic expectations or you just took the wrongs conclusions out of your first analysis. So what to do?

You know it already, just try again. Edison needed 10.000 tries until he managed to create a working light bulb. Do you know what he said concerning this issue? I did not fail 10.000 times, I just found 10.000 ways how not to do it.


Success and failure are really often just a matter of perspective, and one thing is for sure, you learn far more and develop yourself far better through failure than through the easy and simple success, although I really would wish anyone the fast and easy success.

Hope this short blog-post will leave you with some positive inspiration!

How To Be Your Own Boss In Internet Marketing

The big question today and the basis for this little blog-post is how to be your own chief within Internet Marketing and what might be necessary in order to achieve this.

Take Responsibility

No long banging around here, we will start right away. An absolute necessity in my opinion is to take responsibility for what is happening within your field of awareness. Because only if you are responsible for your results, if you know the risks and are still able to make always better decisions, only then you are empowered and free and can be considered your own boss.

If others are responsible, and you blame and complain, you give away your powers to them, which ultimately makes you dependent from them. There is nothing wrong with that, but it will move you away from being your own chief.

Make Short- and Long-term Plans

If you do not know what you want and where you are going, no one will know it for you, and if you do not make plans, most likely others will make plans for you. This is very much common sense, but it is often overseen; especially in Internet Marketing, which is usually easy to get started and easy to quit, most people do not take enough time getting a clear vision and a good plan to make that vision a reality.

Take the Right Actions

To take actions and to take the right actions or at least the best possible actions is also important if you want to master your life. Do not get me wrong here, actions are not the most important thing, but if you want to lead your life as a boss, you need to be able to do necessary actions, otherwise you can easily become dependent again.

The Art of Finding Solutions

Within the field of business – and internet marketing can be considered a business – the upcoming of problems is pretty much normal. For these cases you need to be able to handle problems and find solutions to it in a fast and efficient manner.

Being your own boss will require you to deal with all kinds of problems and finding smart and precise solutions. In the beginning this can sometimes be difficult, but over time you will become a better and better solution finder; it will only need some practice.

The Right Mindset

And in the same way as you should focus on finding the best solutions, you should always keep developing the right mindset. You should train yourself in seeing the positive side of things, to take challenges with the deep knowledge that you are able to overcome them, to always know that problems and challenges are here to make you better, stronger, wiser and that they will ultimately help you grow.

You need to become invincible in your mind, and as positive as you can be, moving forward from the point where you are standing right now.

The Right Knowledge

To be your own boss and in order to be successful at it, you need to know some things and other things are better not to know, especially if they do not help you in succeeding and moving forward.

This is important because you cannot know everything and wasting your capacity with unimportant things will only hold you back. But some things that are essential for your business growth –  your financial situation, for example, or the effectiveness of certain actions or attitudes – are pretty crucial to know, if you want to stay in the game and be successful at it.

In Closing

Those are a couple of ideas that I think are important for your success in being your own boss within Internet Marketing. There are many more, I guess, and it could be possible to fill a couple of books on this topic. But as this is a blog post, we will leave it like this.

If other good points cross your mind, feel free to share them in the comments section, as long as you can, because the option to comment here is only available for a short while.

One more thing to mention is, that you might be dependent from time to time and not be able to stay in this boss of your life mode continuously. There is hardly any human being who is always and at all times independent and in total control, and I am pretty sure that this is a good thing and so we do good in accepting and allowing this and live with it rather than against it.

Why Internet Marketing Is NOT Functioning

In today’s short and precise blog post we will discuss the question whether Internet Marketing is functioning or not. As the title of this little text already suggests, it really seems to be more in the direction that Internet Marketing is NOT functioning.

Why is Internet Marketing NOT functioning?

Before we can get to the simple realization why Internet Marketing is not functioning, we first need to understand how this Universe in which our Galaxy is spinning and in which our Solar System with our beautiful planet called Earth is turning its circles might be functioning.

How does this Universe work – in very simple words?

Without going into too long and boring explanations, this Universe is based upon the principles of thought, vibration and attraction. Once you learn to hold a vibration for a long enough period of time, the world around you and its manifestations will tune into that vibration. Stuff with the same vibration will be attracted to you, and stuff that does not fit to your vibration will simply disappear. This is considered the process of creation.

Conclusions concerning Internet Marketing

As Internet Marketing has a lot to do with finding actions that will get people to learn about services and products and to buy them, actions that will help to build networks for the purpose of distribution, its focus is far more on the side of doing actions in order to get to a certain outcome.

There is nothing wrong with this way of seeing and doing things, and with lots of actions and effort; and there are certainly people who are able to succeed on this path, but it is very labor-intensive and difficult, and I am pretty sure that only very few are actually succeeding, and this is why I would say Internet Marketing is not functioning.

How to make Internet Marketing functioning

The smarter way of proceeding would be in harmony with universal principles, which would mean – in really simple words – to find the vibration of being a successful Internet Marketer, and once you found that vibrational place, follow with actions that support your knowledge and inspiration.

This way the action is far more fun, and the chance of succeeding is literally guaranteed, because you have achieved your goal vibrationally before you start your journey, and this way the manifestation is a logical consequence and will most likely follow.

Final Thoughts

The whole trick here is, to reach your aim within your mental sphere, before you start acting it out. Most people think themselves in poverty, dis-ease or loneliness – very often unconsciously – and then try to find the way home through action. This way can still work for some people, but is is very work-intensive and costs a lot of energy, that is why I would highly recommend to try it the other way around.

But in the end, each and everyone has to make its own decisions, concerning this subject and many others.

I really hope I could get the subject into understandable words, because although it is actually simple, it is still a pretty new discipline and finding the right words in the right order came up to be more difficult than imagined beforehand.

Internet Marketing And The You First Approach

If you are within the Internet Marketing Business for a while you might have realized that most Internet Marketers are just interested in making money. Even if they care about you, it is usually just pretended.

We All Want Money And Value

Do not get me wrong here, there is nothing wrong with being interested in making money and aiming for it wholeheartedly.
But you should also be aware that there might be other humans involved in doing business, whether this is online and digital or not. And if you have some product or service to sell, you need to be aware that people might only pay money for something that is of value to them, or that they really want to have because of its beauty.

Actually this is pretty much common sense, but as soon as money is involved, it seems that many people stop using their common sense and just hope and wait for the money to flow to them. It can work this way, but usually it does not.

What Is The You First Approach?

And that is the reason why it might really make sense to take into account the “You First Approach”. All it means is actually rising your awareness that there might be another human be involved in your internet business endeavor, and that it might only really work out for you if this other human being involved gets some value that she/he is really interested in giving you monetary rewards in exchange for it.

And once again, because this is really important to keep in mind, that people see value in many things and services, even many services that you might not even be aware of right now.
Just to give you an idea, there are people paying money just for being able to call someone, and this person is doing nothing else but listening and understanding. Psychotherapists primarily do exactly this, listening and understanding; they of course give some advice too, but a great part of their job is to listen.

And within internet and affiliate marketing there are many products and services you could offer, some of which you might not even have heard of.

Make Sure There Is Value

In any way try to make sure that there is real value involved for the other part that you are doing business with, and not just empty promises, otherwise it will be hard for you to build a lasting internet business that is creating an ever increasing and hopefully passive income stream for you.

On the other hand, it is of course important, depending on where you are standing, that you also watch out for your own interests and that you get paid at the end of the day. Because if you do not take care for your own interests, who else could be expected to do so? And of course, if you only look at yourself all of the time, who will you be?

Final Thought

But we do not want to get too philosophical here, and if you can just take with you one idea that sums it all up. Do not get too hyped up and always keep your critical thinking running while you walk yourself through all the internet marketing arenas. If something does not provide value to you, it will most likely not provide value to those you can reach, and so it is most likely not a good product to promote for you.

Internet Marketing And Why You Should Give First

Most people start out with the idea of making money on the internet, and assume they just show up and someone will pay them to do so. If you walk through the outside world, this assumption would be considered absurd without anyone even wondering why that is.

The Normality of Get-Rich-Quick in Internet Marketing

But in the field of Internet Marketing and online money making it seems that there are a lot of people giving away their brain by entering the online world; and these people really think that they can make a lot of money just by signing up to a program, wondering why it is not paying them.

Understanding Marketing Language

Of course there is often a reason for this, as people who are not used to business marketing language might easily get overexcited and think it is even easier as the marketing message is describing the adventure of making some cash online. As we are a bit more professional here, we know that marketing has to do with making the services and products a bit better as they actually are in order to trigger an action within a potential customer.

And it might really be true, that it might be a good idea for every Internet Marketer to start leading more through education rather than hype and enthusiasm. Do not get me wrong, enthusiasm is important, but it is usually short lived if there is nothing behind it. And far to often we see lots of hype and enthusiasm, just to hype a bunch of newcomers into a program and run with a few bucks leaving disappointed humans with broken dreams.

I just realized I was getting of on a tangent here, so back to the actual topic.

Be Aware and Use your Brain

Always use your brain while surfing Internet Marketing and money making arenas, and you should be aware that nearly all these programs online, no matter what they promise, usually require you to put in some effort and/ or some money, that can sometimes speed things up a little bit.

Without this giving, or investing, it does usually not work. No matter whether we talk about the internet, or the offline world, any business needs some seed money to get of the ground. The good online programs and opportunities usually have an unlimited free version for everyone to get started and familiar; but it is obvious, if everyone is just using free versions of all services and products, and no money is moved, no-one will be able to earn any money, right?

Not Everyone is Interested in Making Money

Another thing is for sure that not everyone playing around in Internet Marketing is only interested in making money; there are many people just having fun promoting valuable stuff and sharing things with others. I think this is a thought very worth playing around with, because getting your focus a bit more away from the necessity to make money, things usually become more relaxed and easier to handle.

There are even people who suggest to drop the subject of money all together, especially if you have been trying to make money online for quite some while and nothing really seemed to be working out. In this scenario I highly recommend trying to have more fun online in the internet marketing arena, learning more what it is the successful internet marketers do and starting to copy them.

There is lots of information, tools, tips and tricks out there, and I know in the beginning this might be a bit overwhelming and yes there is always this question on who to trust, who is really playing fair, but over time you will get a feeling for that and solve these issues.

In Closing

Be aware that you usually need to give some of yourself before you get rewards back, and be aware if someone promises you lots of money for nothing, because normally these type of people take all your money and leave you with nothing.

Nearly everyone involved in internet marketing and most of the super successful guys were conned at least once in their career, so if it happened to you take it as a valuable learning experience and move forward.

There are many great opportunities on the internet and the times ahead are really promising. Just role up your sleeves and get moving; because once you get there, you will know it was worth it.

How To Avoid Scams In Internet Marketing

Before we dive into the topic of avoiding scams in internet marketing we first need to get clear on some definitions. What is a scam and more precise, what do I mean with an internet marketing scam?

When Is An Internet Marketing Scam Really A Scam?

In my opinion we have a scam, if the provider of any program never has the intention to deliver anything, but just wants to take your money and run and whenever the provider is simply lying concerning the service and products on offer.

I know it is sometimes hard, especially in the internet marketing arena, to draw a line, because hype and big promises are everywhere, and if you really look at the details, very often not even a fraction of what is promised, is delivered.
But in my opinion to name something a scam, it needs more than just some marketing language and unforeseen failure. There must be some sort of negative intention involved, and yes, as already mentioned it is often not possible to objectively get to a common conclusion whether something is a scam or not.

So, the hints that I will give you here are general and should work as some sort of a warning sign, before you join any opportunity blindly.  Check this stuff and be cautious if more than one of these warning signs are applicable.

Having cleared these points, let’s dive into the usually surefire criteria of programs you should avoid within the field of internet marketing:

Warning Signs For Internet Marketing Scams

Videos of Dudes On Huge Million Dollar Yachts And Mansions
If you see on the website sales page videos from guys and girls hanging out on million dollar yachts doing nothing useful at all, you can be pretty sure this is a scam. Don’t ask me why, it has proven many times to be true.

They Promise You Millions Without Any Skills And Knowledge Needed
If they promise you millions of dollars for literally free, without you needing to know anything or having any special skills, you can again be pretty sure this is a scam. I can’t tell you how many times I have checked this out in my internet marketing career, this warning sign has – unfortunately for me – always proven right.

You Earn Within Hours Without Any Work Involved
You are all set and ready to go within a half an hour or less, and then you only need to count the thousand of dollars that are flooding in. Once again, unfortunately it just has never worked in that way, ever. Another clear warning sign for an online scam program.

If You Don’t Join Now, You Miss Out On The Cheap Introductory Offer
The cheap test or introductory offer (usually clearly below $100) is often the main income a scam generates for the scammers. Sometimes there are also higher up-sell offers.
Honest programs usually offer you a free version you can test, and the really good programs offer an unlimited free version, because they know they have value to offer, so they do not need to cheat you into anything in any way.

No Company Or Person In Charge Is Mentioned
If it is very hard or even impossible to find out who operates a website, this is usually a big sign to be aware. Once again, it is a sign, it does not mean there is always a scam involved, and sometimes scam-websites have fake people on it to deceive you. Yes, scammers aren’t necessarily stupid. But it is obvious, that if you plan to scam others that you prefer not to be known to them.

There Is No Real Clue On The Sales-Page What the Business Is About
This is another big warning sign, if a website just promises you lots of money with some super secret method, but never ever mentions how they do it. If you will just see most of the 6 universal principles for persuasion being played out on a website, without giving any useful information on the business and the product or service on sale, you should be alerted.

In Closing

Before joining an opportunity it is recommended to do some reviewing of the program. Do an internet search and have a look what others have to say. Get some information about the company and for how long it is around the internet, and you should be playing it save enough.

If you see more than one warning sign on any website, all your red alarm bells should be ringing loudly. And if you do fall prey to a scam, normally it is always possible to get out of it again pretty fast and painless. If you do have a small loss, take it as apprentice’s due. I assume throughout the career nearly every internet marketer at least once fell prey to a scam; it nearly seems to be part of the learning curve.

The Law Of Attraction In Internet Marketing

Today, the topic is Internet Marketing, of course, and the Law of Attraction. Now you might think, how does that fit together? And in one way or another, you are right, that does not really fit together.

Internet Marketing vs. The Law of Attraction

Internet Marketing has a lot to do with getting something done, with doing something to get a product or service delivered, while the Law of Attraction has a lot to do with letting things happen, which you have thought through before.

If you look at these two themes just roughly they seem to be very controversy in nature and absolutely incompatible. But trust me, this is just the first glance. Great art always has to do with uniting things that seem to be completely different if you do not look closely enough.

Are IM And The LOA Really So Different?

But if we look at it closely, the Law of Attraction and Internet Marketing can really be united in a nice and smart way.

If you start practicing and learning to think and feel consciously about the things you are doing and attracting, it will get easier and easier to come into alignment with your desires and to see where you need to put your offers and in what way.
Doing Internet Marketing in such a way, it will become a study of the Law of Attraction.

Over time you will get better and better in feeling the right path, what programs to promote, which media to join and choose, which trails to follow through.

More On How The Law Of Attraction Works Within IM

The Law of Attraction teaches that there is a source of well-being and the more you get in contact and unity with this source through practicing the art of appreciation, the better your results will get.

There is not one right path and Internet Marketing offers lots of opportunities to get a unique style to the path you are going without going against anybody else, which really makes all the difference.

The ultimate secret and art within Internet Marketing will be to get from the felt point of not being there yet, to the point of having it done, emotionally, and by doing so, you will become a practitioner of the Law of Attraction; being vibrationally at a point before its manifestation. This is the ultimate art of creation within any field of expertise you might want to choose.

Practice Makes The Master

Before you get overexcited about this amazing outlook I am just painting here verbally, be aware that this art and science needs to be practiced. Lots of practice. I know people studying this Law of Attraction science for decades with only small progression. Depending on where you stand and what your background might have been, it might take quite a while before you make recognizable advancements.

Anyway I would say, every second spend on this topic is worth a lot, not only for your own limited personal perception, but also for the whole of humanity.

So, that is it for today. Internet Marketing the Law of Attraction style is definitely a road worth travelling, but it will not be right for everyone.

I can still recommend it.



How To Manage Time In Internet Marketing

In the very beginning of your Internet Marketing Career you might not really ask this question on Time Management, I assume. But if you manage to get beyond the first couple of challenges and stay in this internet marketing game, this question will earlier or later arise.

It is especially important to deal with this question, as you do not want to spend your whole life in the office, or pay your whole life-energy into your internet marketing business.

Every New Beginning Is Time Consuming

In the beginning it is for sure that you will need to give lots of energy in order to make that rocket get started and enter space – if you can see this analogy – but later on, the smart automation should tick in, and your online business should be run with a couple of hours a day invested on your part, maximum.

In order to get there and not end up sacrificing your life – family, friends, vacation, fun, adventures – for your business, it is smart to make plans and to develop them over time.

Make Plans To Manage Your Time

Here it is very intelligent to have longer term plans and strategic thinking on where you want to go with your internet marketing endeavor. Which programs you would like to join, what you want to reach with them. And especially, what and how you want to live once you reached all your business goals.

The more precise you plan, the better it will be. You do not need to plan every detail, but the more details you plan over time the better this whole ride will work out.

Plan Your Time In Both Directions

Best would be to plan in both directions, coming from your daily routines and getting in the monthly and yearly plans and goals, as well as coming from your big final and strategic business aims and breaking them down to your in the moment action that should be taken.

If you start out with this time management process and planing adventure, it most likely will be rough and vague at best on both ends, but over time you will realize how trends and pattern will crystallize and the big vision as well as the daily routines become clearer and more precise.

Making Planning And Time Management A Daily Routine

If you make time management and planning your daily routine and keep working on this mental picture of where you want to go and what you want to reach, it will get better and better and the tasks you perform will become better and more enjoyable for everyone involved, until the complete manifestation of your desired internet marketing business and income streams.

That’s it. actually it is far more simple and I think many people are doing it already like this and I just put it in words for you to read it and share it.

In Closing

Time management and goal setting and fulfilling is part of one and the same thing and should not be separated. The more you become able to make it an holistic task and set the right priorities, while always fine-tuning and improving the whole process over time, the better you will get and the better the results will become.

And the most important thing is, have fun and enjoy it, while you make it happen, as there is no happy ending to an unhappy journey.

Internet Marketing Success – The Natural And Organic Way

Well, there are obviously different approaches to succeed in internet marketing. One approach is more the “investor approach”, and the other is more the “work it out approach”. I am aware that this is a very general diversification that I am using here, and that you could find far more other and more precise differentiations in classifying the internet marketing world, but for the purpose I am following here, this classification is good enough.

What Is The Organic IM Way?

The natural and organic way of reaching for success in internet marketing is more part of the “work it out approach”, and it will take of course more time and will be harder to achieve, but usually it is more long-living and in some way far more fun.

A very crucial point of this natural and organic way is that you will begin building assets by setting up a blog on your own domain, by building a couple of email-lists, by creating content and promoting it through diverse networks, social media and traffic exchanges, for example.

Setting up these assets will usually take time, and  you usually have to also invest some money for some of the tools you will need, and it might take some time before these investments will pay off, but if you do not give up, they will definitely pay of some day, at least if you managed to create some sort of value within the marketplace and got some of the things done in the right way.

As with every entrepreneurial endeavor there is of course always some risk involved and never a guarantee, but if you keep going and learning and applying what you learned you will most likely succeed in the end.

What Would Be the An-organic Way To Internet Marketing?

The other, the “money approach” is more the easy way, and I would not say it is wrong and it might also work for many people. Applying this approach you would get yourself in a money generating internet program and then you would buy traffic for this program which will hopefully convert into new memberships, sales or distributors, whatever the advertised program is all about.

Although it might seem easier and simpler to do it this way the main challenge is here to find traffic sources that convert your traffic into sales without sending all of your money. This is really not that simple because besides the promises you never exactly know which traffic provider is genuine, and what sort of traffic delivers results for which opportunity. And you also, of course do not know which opportunities are really well managed and which are gone before they will be profitable for you.

Which IM Approach Is Riskier And Which Is Recommended?

So, by now we know that there are always risks involved with being an independent internet marketer, no matter what approach you choose, and the organic way also includes a bunch of work. But if you like what you do, this can actually not really considered work; but this depends solely on your perspective upon the things.

In closing, I would recommend everyone to go more in the direction of natural and organic internet marketing through the creation of assets, as it bears less financial risks in my opinion and lets you learn and grow while being on your journey.

Organic – An-organic, Should It Always Be Strictly Separated?

I need to add here, that over time these two approaches get usually mixed up, because even on the “work it out approach” you might buy some advertising from time to time, and while being more on the “money approach” you can also come to the conclusion of getting yourself a blog set-up, or clicking yourself through some traffic exchange ads.

Final Recommendation

So over time this classification can not really be made, because every internet marketer would be considered wise, if she uses what works and creates results and fits to the personal preferences and style; whether it is the “money approach” or the “work it out approach” is in the end pretty much secondary.

Sales Psychology In Internet Marketing

In today’s beautiful blog post I will talk about sales psychology within internet marketing. Why are people saying “Yes” or “No” to the things you might offer them? How can you get better results for the efforts you undertake? How to finally succeed within internet marketing?
I will try to shed some light and answer at least some of these questions throughout this article.

Most of this blog post has a lot to do with what PhD. Robert B. Cialdini researched and documented in his brilliant book “influence: The Psychology of Persuasion”. Keep reading and you will learn about the six universal principles most of us human beings use in order to decide in an ever complex and information overloaded environment.

These principle, used in the right way, are really powerful; but do not get to the idea to misuse them. Only utilize them in a moral and friendly way and just to the advantage of everyone involved. Misusing these principles will fall back onto you in the long run, so essentially you will only harm yourself.

Principle No. 1: Reciprocity

Explaining it as simple as possible, reciprocity means, if I do you a favor chances are good that you will feel like doing me a favor in return.
An example would be, if I invite you to my party, chances are good you will invite me back to your party. If I treat you with respect, chances are good you will treat me with respect as well. Thinking about it you will find many more examples proving this principle to be right.

Principle No. 2: Scarcity

Most human beings tend to value things that are scarce. The scarcer something is the more it will raise in value. Ever wondered why money has such an amazing affect on most people. There are many reasons of course, but one is most likely that money is usually scarce.

If you are aware of this principle, you will understand why some online-shops will tell that there are “only 5 products left on stock”. Whether there is really a limited supply on a given shop cannot be proved by any online customer, but as this product supply is at least “virtually” limited, an online-shop rises its chances you will become a buyer right away.

Principle No. 3: Authority

The authority principle might have to do with people not wanting to take responsibility, and having an authority telling you what to do is a simple way to not take responsibility for the outcome.

Now you might know why recommendations within the field of business are so powerful, because they give authority to whatever is recommended; but only if the person recommending something is seen as someone trustworthy and knowledgeable. An authority within the given field of interest.

Principle No. 4: Consistency

Most human beings want to be consistent throughout there actions. So if someone, for example says “Yes” once, he is more likely to say “Yes” again. If you have done an action moving you in one direction, you will be more likely to keep acting in that direction than starting to do things in a different way that will move you in the other direction. Why? Because most of us like to be seen as beings who are straight and accountable. Consistent, in one word.

Principle No. 5: Liking

This “Liking” principle is pretty obvious in my opinion. Everyone would prefer doing business or even having contact to people they like, rather than people they do not like.

This explains why business people always tend to be friendly and polite. It is of clear advantage to them, because chances are better being liked if we are friendly, although it is not authentic.

Principle No. 6: Consensus

The last of the 6 universal principles is the “Consensus” principle. We like to do things – or have things – that everyone else is doing or having. In example, hardly anything is as good for a small shop anywhere than people standing on the street waiting to get served.

A funny saying supporting this principle and also showing that it is not always the smartest way to follow an unconscious pattern would be: “If a thousand flies think that shit is good, then shit is good.”

It is obvious that this principle has to do with the fact that most of us human beings are gregarious animals who feel more comfortable moving with the flock.


Here we go, these are the universal principles found by Mr. Cialdini, and they really seem to be true, although it would be better in many situations for many individuals not to follow them.

Knowing about these principles and applying them in a non-abusive manner can really make a difference. Be smart and only use these principles in support of everyone involved and I am pretty sure you will reap the rewards you deserve.