About Me


Hi, and welcome on my blog. My name is Till Geissinger and I created this internet-marketing-blog-website.

A short paragraph about me…

After over ten years of internet and internet advertising experiences, lots of reading, writing and testing stuff, I thought it would be time to start creating this blog.
From the point where I am standing now, I see this blog as a long-term project, and my purpose is to develop it organically and slowly, but also Рsomehow Рin a fast and straight forward style.
My other interests – besides internet marketing and online money making – are visual arts creation (tigerthilo.de/artworks), cryptocurrencies, gardening, healthy living – in a holistic sense, self-development and spiritual subjects like living your true nature, enlightenment and the potentials it may uncover.

And back to You…

It’s great that you found your way here and I hope you will enjoy your time on my blog and that it will help you in one way or another. I hope some of my writings may inspire you to take action in the direction of your goals and deepest desires and that you may gain insides and realizations that will help you living a more joyful and happier life than ever before.

Most of the stuff I am writing will be about internet marketing, self-development, money making and marketing system opportunities and reviews of them, living healthy and happy and things that may support you with it.
Most likely there will also be some articles that will circle around the subject of gardening, the art of advanced thinking and how to use it to your advantage, and most likely many things more that I will find worth sharing and writing about.

Hope you will find value in some of my writings and recommendations, and I wish you an amazing journey all life long with lots of health, wealth and happiness, whatever that means to you.

Just the Best,