12 Principles For Living A Good And Healthy Life

Find Out About 12 Easy To Implement Principles That Will Most Likely Help You In Maintaining And Supporting Your Health

I guess everyone wants to be healthy, and searches and develops principles to ensure that. Here are some of the principles and habits that I found useful in staying healthy. Feel free to use and try what makes sense to you.

Based upon my experience, nothing works for everyone, and although I think the principles presented here should do good to every human being, please only use what feels right to you. I think it should not be too hard to implement at least a couple of these principles into your daily routine.

Some of these principles could be compared to master-principles and might take years to learn and get good at. Be easy with yourself and have fun with it. No one became a master over night, a little step in the right direction from time to time is the far better approach than trying to implement all of it over night.

And one last thing that I think is worth mentioning here, based upon my experience: If you truly believe something is good for your health and you practice it, you will be fine. Over time your believes might change, but my recommendation would be, not to act and live against your believes, whatever your believes are.

Okay, enough for an introduction, I hope you got my point with it. Let’s get into the principles I found and tested over time, and which revealed themselves as beneficial to my health.

1. Eat Superfoods Daily

Superfoods are naturally and organically produced whole foods with many good properties, or to be more precise with more good properties than many other foods. Examples would be all kind of leafy green vegetables, or Sauerkraut.
It is best to eat a substantial part of your Superfoods as unprocessed and raw as possible, as many vitamins and other stuff can get destroyed by heating it too much. I created a short blog post here on Superfoods and might write another one in the future.

2. Eat In The Right Way

The best is to eat in silence and being grateful for having food to nourish you. And no matter what you eat, think and know that it will perfectly support you. Realize how good the food tastes and feel the appreciation. Always chew your food well. Best would be to chew your food until it is liquid before swallowing it.

3. Scrub Your Whole Fascia (Connective Tissue) Daily

Underneath your skin is your fascia, which primarily connects many parts of your body. Besides other things it helps your skin look young and fresh, provides nutrition, channels metabolic products and helps closing the wound area in case of injuries. Do a research for yourself if you are interested in the many important parts the fascia plays in keeping your body at health.

By scrubbing your fascia with a dry brush once a day you activate it and support it in its smooth functioning and also clean dead cells of your skin. As a hint, I would preferably do this in the morning, as this action activates your whole organism, which might not be desired before going to bed.

4. Change Hot And Cold Three Times While Showering

Whenever I am taking a shower I start out with warm, nearly hot water, but have three periods of about 30 seconds where I switch to ice-cold water, and then taking another 30 seconds of hot water showering after each cold water period.
After the last cold water period I finish my shower.
It takes some overcoming in the beginning, but you will realize really fast how refreshing and revitalizing this type of showering is.
If you need more reasons for this hot-cold-procedure, here they are:
While it is hot, your blood moves towards your skin, and while it is cold, it moves back to your organs. By doing so, the blood is washing through your cells, cleaning and nurturing them. Really powerful thing to do.

5. Walk Stairs Daily

There are people who say that the development of elevators was the worst invention for human health ever made. Why? Bending your knees makes your lymph move, which keeps your immune system functioning properly.
Research it, if you are interested in this in more detail, or just trust me and try to walk a couple of stairs every day; or do a couple of knee bends after getting out of bed. That will do it as well, I assume.

6. Drink A Lot Of Water

Our physical bodies consist primarily of water. So drinking water, and we mean it, just simple water – ideally: clean, organic spring water – , and as much as you can, will most likely help your body to keep its balance and function in a good way.
I guess by now this ‘Drink-A-Lot-Of-Water-Is-Healthy-Thing’ is really common sense, although I think most people do not follow up with it intensively enough. But maybe I am wrong with this estimation.

7. Breath Deeply Often

Well, you might say we are breathing all of the time anyway, and you are right, because otherwise you would not be living anymore. But when I say ‘Breath Deeply’, I really mean pumping up your lungs with air to the limit, a really deep breath. Do it whenever you think about it, do it right now. Daily, every hour, as long as you think about it and whenever you think about it. Deep breathing is ultimately healthy.

8. Practice Happy Thinking

You think and you feel bad, or you think and you feel great. Thinking is one of the ultimate arts. If you become a master in thinking, you will be a master in this physical world. Being aware of your thoughts most of the time needs awareness, a high degree of awareness and lots of practice. Constantly monitoring your thoughts is most likely the hardest work to do. So be easy with yourself, if you fail, if you fall, just get up, and keep going. Learning to meditate might help, because before getting on a negative train of thought, you might be able to go into silence, if you are used to meditation.

Once again, be easy with your happy thinking approach, work on it, but be gentle if it does not work out right away; but keep working on it. Do not give up here, it is very important, for all of us, but especially for yourself.

9. Practice Better Feeling

If you start thinking in the right way, feeling better will come naturally. But actually it is the Feeling-Good-Thing that most of your focus should be put upon, because you will have a heart time monitoring all your thoughts; there are usually just too many, but if we care more about how we feel it becomes simpler.

If you care more about how you feel, and nothing is more important than that you feel good, and always better, you will be on the right path. And how do you know, it is the right path? Because you will gradually feel better, that is how you know.

10. Have Fun And Play Daily

Spare some time daily and have fun and play, because it eases the mind. I think this is a really important aspect to a healthy life. Joy and fun and just playing without too much seriousness and this always trying to get there. Just play!

11. Imagine More, Observe Less

Imagination is the true creative power and if you manage to take your energy and your joy out of pictures created in your mind and seeing things happen externally based upon your own imagination-based and pure vibration, you then have become the creator that you meant to be.

It might take time to shift the focus from observing to imagination, and you may fail and fall sometimes, especially in the beginning, but just get up again and keep practicing and you will get better and better, and things will happen with always greater ease.

12. Take Many Ocean-Of-Light-Naps Daily

Ocean Of Light Naps may only take you a couple of minutes. Best way to do it is to lay down, but you can also do them while sitting, walking, whatever. Imagine yourself being in an ocean of light, feel the warmth and see the light, although your eyes are closed and feel how the light and the warmth uplift and heal you, you and all your bodies. Feel the joy of being in this ocean of light, and try to not think anything during that few minutes, just feel the light.

In Closing

That is it. Practicing all or some of these principles should add to your health and well being. Be easy about it, it is far better to let things happen and evolve naturally, than to try to push yourself too hard. Understanding and realization sometimes needs its time.