Free Self-Development E-Books For Wealth, Health And Greatness

In today’s short and precise blog post, I will invite you to take a closer look and also download your free copies of Wallace D. Wattles famous Science book trilogy. Namely these are “The Science of Getting Rich”, “The Science of Being Well” and “The Science of Being Great”.

Although these books have been written about 100 years ago, based upon my research they are still among the best and can certainly be named “leading” within their field of expertise. The advantage of such old scriptures is, that they are in public domain by now, so they are free to share for everyone.

The underlying idea of all three books has to do with the subject “Law of Attraction”, and from there on the author sheds light on the big subjects of most human beings, which might be Wealth, Health and Greatness (personal importance).

It is highly recommended to start out with “The Science of Getting Rich”, as it also includes some sort of an introduction to the basic ideas, views and principles of the author and the whole Law of Attraction subject.

In my opinion these books are really inspirational and worth reading and studying. The versions I share with you in a second are in .pdf-format and are formatted in a way, that makes them good to read on most e-readers.

Here are the links to the e-books (links will open in new tab/window):

“The Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace D. Wattles

“The Science of Being Well” by Wallace D. Wattles

“The Science of Being Great” by Wallace D. Wattles

This is my gift for You today! Hope it will give you some positive inspiration, and it will help you in seeing clearer and better, and that your whole life will profit from it, in one way or another.