Internet Marketing Motivation – Is It Only About Money?

Money Creation As The Initial Purpose

Most people start out with Internet Marketing or a Home Based Business with the purpose of creating some sort of a cash flow going into their direction, and that is absolutely normal and totally okay. In today’s modern and specialized world, money is a necessity for living and so it is normal that we take care and want money to come and flow to us.

Money Really Motivates

Money can be a great motivator in keeping us going and acting, but it might not be enough of a motivator to get us succeed in a challenging environment. That is the reason why it might be useful to find a even better motivator which really let’s you shine once you start thinking about it.

The Importance Of Self-Motivation

Within the field of internet marketing you will need a lot of self-motivating powers, and to keep you going in the right direction when the weather gets tougher and the wind blows directly into your face, two or three deeper motives why you are doing what you are doing, will definitely help you in achieving your goals over time.

Money Is Buying-Power

Do not get me wrong here, money can be a strong and powerful source for motivation and it might be enough for some people, but it is also abstract somehow, in our times. Yes, money can buy you a lot. A nice house, even a really huge mansion, lots of exquisite foods and drinks, and very special entertainments, even friends and other people might be “bought”, but yet, it is somehow an abstract thing, the “money”.

Money Is Abstract Nowadays

Because if you have a lot of money it usually sits in some sort of accounts or investments and if you walk around on mother earth, you usually do not have it with you. So most of the time, whether you have a couple of millions of dollars in your accounts or not, will actually not make a lot of a difference, except in relation to the way you think and your personal perspective on many things.

Motivation Beyond Money

As having a lot of money is somehow abstract, cultivating a motivation that is more concrete and touchable, might really be a good idea for many people. It is also said, that the flowing in of money becomes more fluent and easy once you start not focusing so much on money and making money, but more on the joyful actions you perform, or the contents and pieces of art you create in your chosen field of creation, and then let the money be the logical consequence of your joyful focus.

The Magic Of Changed Viewpoints

If you try to approach the income and money creation from this perspective, magic things might happen, because you withdraw your awareness from the absence of money, from the standpoint of wanting to make money and are now coming more from the new viewpoint of already being wealthy somehow and doing what you enjoy to do, and suddenly the missing pieces you have been looking for so long will start falling in place fast and effortlessly.

In Closing

To express it in as simple words as possible, it means to focus more on things you love to do, getting your motivation not so much from the money you will make, but more from the freedom you will have while reaching your goals, or the joy you have while trying to manifest surroundings you always dreamed of.

I am not sure whether I managed to get my point across. Before writing this blog post it seemed clearer and simpler, but the words developed a bit different than intended. Hope it gave you some inspiration and good feelings anyway.