Internet Marketing – A Numbers Game

Why Numbers Within Internet Marketing Are Important And What You Have To Know About Them

What Numbers Are We Talking About Today?

Today, I want to write about numbers in relationship with advertising, which means the numbers we are talking about today, are website views, hits, visitors, impressions, and everything within this category.

Why Is a Basic Understanding Of These Numbers Important?

In recent times I stumbled over quite some comments here and there from people writing things like: “I advertise and get more than 100 hits to my page every day for a whole month now and no one signed up. What am I doing wrong?”

Statements like this will most likely not come from you, my valued readers, as I assume you are far more advanced and would not complain publicly; but I think many people are wondering about results like this, and what they are doing wrong, and for those people, this article is written.

What Are the Rule Of Thumbs Concerning Advertising Numbers?

This question is not so easy to answer, because there are many factors influencing the effectiveness of an advertising campaign on the internet. For example you cannot compare traffic exchange hits, with email solo advertising hits, and of course you cannot compare paid-per-click traffic, with simple banner impressions.

And of course it is very important how targeted the advertising is, which of course depends on your offer and the place where you advertise and what kind of audience is going to be expected there.

In general, email solo ad advertising, and paid-per-click advertising (like google adverts), is pretty expensive per click, but you usually get thousands of impressions, just to get one click, so the person clicking is usually really interested in your offer, and so there will be a high chance of a free sign-up or even a sale.

And More Precise, What Are The Numbers?

Traffic exchange traffic or paid-to-click traffic, and also traffic from pop-unders or pop-ups, which you can buy in bundles from up to 5,000 to 100,000 hits and even more are in that category as well, and if you get one free sign-up per 1,000 visitors, which means 0.1 %, with traffic like that, this is a pretty good rate. As this kind of traffic is usually not very targeted, the success rate for free sign-ups can be as low as 0.01 % and sometimes even lower.

This is something I think that most newcomers in the field of marketing and internet marketing are not even close to being aware. If you have no experience in marketing and the numbers connected with it, 100,000 visitors seem to be a huge number. But depending on the kind of traffic source that was utilized in order to get this amount of visitors to your landing page, capture page, or squeeze-page, this number will eventually only bring you 10 free leads (sign-ups), and with a high probability not even one sale; although you could always be lucky and get results beyond any expectation, but it is compared to gambling to rely on it.

As mentioned above, the numbers play out completely different, when we talk about solo email ad clicks, or paid-per-click traffic, where 100 clicks can cost up to $60,- and even more, but if the targeting is good and your capture-page has good quality, you can expect up to 40 to 50 free leads, and even up to 10 sales.

These numbers are of course never fixed, and may vary greatly depending of sweep text quality, ad quality, quality of the market and potential buyers interest, as well as the precision of targeting of your advertisement campaign.

In Closing

Be aware of the numbers, and now you will be able to judge whether an advertising source is good for you and delivers results, or not.
There is of course never a guarantee, but knowing the numbers may give you an advantage to move forward faster and more confidently.

I hope this information will improve your advertising and success rate while promoting your favorite programs.