EasyHits4u Review

What Is EasyHits4u And Can It Be Recommended?

To be as straight forward as possible, EasyHits4u is primarily a traffic exchange program with some social network features like connecting and communicating with other EasyHits4u members.

EasyHits4u offers a 1:1 surf ratio, so you get as many credits as you actually surf, and also provides banner and text advertising for those interested in it. Surfing time for free members is 20 seconds, but if you choose a paid membership the surfing time is reduced up to 10 seconds, and you also get some extras and advantages by choosing the paid service over the free one.

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What Else Has EasyHits4u On Offer?

EasyHits4u offers you a percentage of the credits members you invited to EasyHits4u will earn over 5 levels deep. You also get bonus gifts (text ad impressions, banner impressions, etc.) for every 25 pages you surf, an extra cash bonus for every 1000 pages you surf, commissions of product sales generated through you and some nice tools (website rotators and splash pages) which you can use for free with your membership.

For advertisers it might be interesting to know that you can change the duration your website-link will be shown to other EasyHits4u members up to 40 seconds, and you also have some geo-targeting options, depending on your membership level.

Does EasyHits4u Produce Advertising Results?

This is a very good question and one of the most important questions if you want to use a traffic exchange program primarily for the purpose of advertising your main opportunity. The problem is, that this is not easily answered. Of course traffic exchange traffic is forced traffic, people are surfing for credits, not because they are really interested in your opportunity site, but yet you know there are real people looking at your site, which is worth a lot, I think.

Based upon experience traffic exchange and paid-to-click programs work best for people promoting advertising and money making programs. Results will vary based upon targeting, chosen surfing duration and ad quality; so far I am pretty happy with the results EasyHits4u brought me.

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EasyHits4u - Your Traffic Exchange

In Closing

I really like EasyHits4u, as it is a nice and well put together traffic exchange program. I think one of the most popular out there at present.
It might not be the best solution if you want to make money, as EasyHits4u is a traffic exchange and not a paid-to-click program, but if you are looking to drive real visitors to your project or opportunity website, it might be worth giving it a try.

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