Why Internet Marketing Is NOT Functioning

In today’s short and precise blog post we will discuss the question whether Internet Marketing is functioning or not. As the title of this little text already suggests, it really seems to be more in the direction that Internet Marketing is NOT functioning.

Why is Internet Marketing NOT functioning?

Before we can get to the simple realization why Internet Marketing is not functioning, we first need to understand how this Universe in which our Galaxy is spinning and in which our Solar System with our beautiful planet called Earth is turning its circles might be functioning.

How does this Universe work – in very simple words?

Without going into too long and boring explanations, this Universe is based upon the principles of thought, vibration and attraction. Once you learn to hold a vibration for a long enough period of time, the world around you and its manifestations will tune into that vibration. Stuff with the same vibration will be attracted to you, and stuff that does not fit to your vibration will simply disappear. This is considered the process of creation.

Conclusions concerning Internet Marketing

As Internet Marketing has a lot to do with finding actions that will get people to learn about services and products and to buy them, actions that will help to build networks for the purpose of distribution, its focus is far more on the side of doing actions in order to get to a certain outcome.

There is nothing wrong with this way of seeing and doing things, and with lots of actions and effort; and there are certainly people who are able to succeed on this path, but it is very labor-intensive and difficult, and I am pretty sure that only very few are actually succeeding, and this is why I would say Internet Marketing is not functioning.

How to make Internet Marketing functioning

The smarter way of proceeding would be in harmony with universal principles, which would mean – in really simple words – to find the vibration of being a successful Internet Marketer, and once you found that vibrational place, follow with actions that support your knowledge and inspiration.

This way the action is far more fun, and the chance of succeeding is literally guaranteed, because you have achieved your goal vibrationally before you start your journey, and this way the manifestation is a logical consequence and will most likely follow.

Final Thoughts

The whole trick here is, to reach your aim within your mental sphere, before you start acting it out. Most people think themselves in poverty, dis-ease or loneliness – very often unconsciously – and then try to find the way home through action. This way can still work for some people, but is is very work-intensive and costs a lot of energy, that is why I would highly recommend to try it the other way around.

But in the end, each and everyone has to make its own decisions, concerning this subject and many others.

I really hope I could get the subject into understandable words, because although it is actually simple, it is still a pretty new discipline and finding the right words in the right order came up to be more difficult than imagined beforehand.