Internet Marketing And The You First Approach

If you are within the Internet Marketing Business for a while you might have realized that most Internet Marketers are just interested in making money. Even if they care about you, it is usually just pretended.

We All Want Money And Value

Do not get me wrong here, there is nothing wrong with being interested in making money and aiming for it wholeheartedly.
But you should also be aware that there might be other humans involved in doing business, whether this is online and digital or not. And if you have some product or service to sell, you need to be aware that people might only pay money for something that is of value to them, or that they really want to have because of its beauty.

Actually this is pretty much common sense, but as soon as money is involved, it seems that many people stop using their common sense and just hope and wait for the money to flow to them. It can work this way, but usually it does not.

What Is The You First Approach?

And that is the reason why it might really make sense to take into account the “You First Approach”. All it means is actually rising your awareness that there might be another human be involved in your internet business endeavor, and that it might only really work out for you if this other human being involved gets some value that she/he is really interested in giving you monetary rewards in exchange for it.

And once again, because this is really important to keep in mind, that people see value in many things and services, even many services that you might not even be aware of right now.
Just to give you an idea, there are people paying money just for being able to call someone, and this person is doing nothing else but listening and understanding. Psychotherapists primarily do exactly this, listening and understanding; they of course give some advice too, but a great part of their job is to listen.

And within internet and affiliate marketing there are many products and services you could offer, some of which you might not even have heard of.

Make Sure There Is Value

In any way try to make sure that there is real value involved for the other part that you are doing business with, and not just empty promises, otherwise it will be hard for you to build a lasting internet business that is creating an ever increasing and hopefully passive income stream for you.

On the other hand, it is of course important, depending on where you are standing, that you also watch out for your own interests and that you get paid at the end of the day. Because if you do not take care for your own interests, who else could be expected to do so? And of course, if you only look at yourself all of the time, who will you be?

Final Thought

But we do not want to get too philosophical here, and if you can just take with you one idea that sums it all up. Do not get too hyped up and always keep your critical thinking running while you walk yourself through all the internet marketing arenas. If something does not provide value to you, it will most likely not provide value to those you can reach, and so it is most likely not a good product to promote for you.