Mannabase Universal Basic Income CryptoCoin

Mannabase Universal Basic Income CryptoCoin – Introduced and Reviewed

I will really try to be to the point and straight forward, giving you what I think is essential to know in order to be well informed on Manna and Mannabase.

Mannabase in a nutshell, for those in a hurry…

Manna is a blockchain based Cryptocoin, primarily distributed through an Universal Basic Income (UBI). Everyone who signs up and verifies his account, will receive some Manna, at present on a weekly basis.

Manna and Mannabase is administrated by a US non-profit organisation named The People’s Currency Foundation. Manna was founded in 2015.

At present Manna is traded on, and many features and ideas are still in development, but the UBI distribution and basic account features are already working.

To register your own Mannabase-account it is highly recommended to use an affiliate link, like this one:
because you will get 50% more UBI for one year, and your referrer gets an additional UBI also for one year. A Win-Win-Win for all involved parties. You win, your referrer wins and Mannabase wins a new participant. I love this.
(Note: The referral program and the involved numbers might change over time.)

If you need any further information, here are some more links to help you out:
Mannabase Whitepaper (pdf, opens in new tab)
Mannabase Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (opens in new tab)
You will find this information also on the Mannabase website, of course. But this way you do not need to search it.

History and future plans of Mannabase

Mannabase evolved out of Grantcoin ( The founders learnt through Grantcoin and implemented the knowledge gained to develop Mannabase.

At present Mannabase is very basic concerning functionalities, but there are plans to add more features over time. Things like social networking features, maybe a blogging feature, and things like stores, where you can spend your Manna, and organisations where you can donate some of your Manna, if you do not need it right now.

How much Manna is distributed?

The distribution of Manna through the Universal Basic Income (UBI) happens on a weekly basis, and turns out to be about 4 – 5 Manna, at the time of writing this (this will certainly change over time). Looking at the price of Manna, this is not a lot, but the more people join, and the bigger the network becomes, the more likely it is that Manna will rise in value.

You will find the details concerning the UBI distribution and how it might change over time in the FAQ section here:
Mannabase Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (opens in new tab)

Is Mannabase worth the while?

From my point of view, Mannabase is a good idea and comes in perfect timing. The management and consulting team seems to be competent and engaged, and the massive growth that is happening in the recent month seems to prove that the idea and the concept might be working out in the long run.

Another good point is, that there is not that much anyone is risking by giving Mannabase a try. And if Mannabase works out well, it could improve the life of many beings on planet earth. This is at least my opinion.

Don’t forget: Make sure you are joining Mannabase through a referral link, as this gives you 50% more UBI for a whole year. If you don’t know where to get a referral link, feel free to use mine:

In Closing

I hope you enjoyed reading this short review and introduction, and it added some value to your being.

May the Force be with you.

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