Internet Marketing Success - The Natural And Organic Way

Internet Marketing Success – The Natural And Organic Way

Well, there are obviously different approaches to succeed in internet marketing. One approach is more the “investor approach”, and the other is more the “work it out approach”. I am aware that this is a very general diversification that I am using here, and that you could find far more other and more precise differentiations in classifying the internet marketing world, but for the purpose I am following here, this classification is good enough.

What Is The Organic IM Way?

The natural and organic way of reaching for success in internet marketing is more part of the “work it out approach”, and it will take of course more time and will be harder to achieve, but usually it is more long-living and in some way far more fun.

A very crucial point of this natural and organic way is that you will begin building assets by setting up a blog on your own domain, by building a couple of email-lists, by creating content and promoting it through diverse networks, social media and traffic exchanges, for example.

Setting up these assets will usually take time, and  you usually have to also invest some money for some of the tools you will need, and it might take some time before these investments will pay off, but if you do not give up, they will definitely pay of some day, at least if you managed to create some sort of value within the marketplace and got some of the things done in the right way.

As with every entrepreneurial endeavor there is of course always some risk involved and never a guarantee, but if you keep going and learning and applying what you learned you will most likely succeed in the end.

What Would Be the An-organic Way To Internet Marketing?

The other, the “money approach” is more the easy way, and I would not say it is wrong and it might also work for many people. Applying this approach you would get yourself in a money generating internet program and then you would buy traffic for this program which will hopefully convert into new memberships, sales or distributors, whatever the advertised program is all about.

Although it might seem easier and simpler to do it this way the main challenge is here to find traffic sources that convert your traffic into sales without sending all of your money. This is really not that simple because besides the promises you never exactly know which traffic provider is genuine, and what sort of traffic delivers results for which opportunity. And you also, of course do not know which opportunities are really well managed and which are gone before they will be profitable for you.

Which IM Approach Is Riskier And Which Is Recommended?

So, by now we know that there are always risks involved with being an independent internet marketer, no matter what approach you choose, and the organic way also includes a bunch of work. But if you like what you do, this can actually not really considered work; but this depends solely on your perspective upon the things.

In closing, I would recommend everyone to go more in the direction of natural and organic internet marketing through the creation of assets, as it bears less financial risks in my opinion and lets you learn and grow while being on your journey.

Organic – An-organic, Should It Always Be Strictly Separated?

I need to add here, that over time these two approaches get usually mixed up, because even on the “work it out approach” you might buy some advertising from time to time, and while being more on the “money approach” you can also come to the conclusion of getting yourself a blog set-up, or clicking yourself through some traffic exchange ads.

Final Recommendation

So over time this classification can not really be made, because every internet marketer would be considered wise, if she uses what works and creates results and fits to the personal preferences and style; whether it is the “money approach” or the “work it out approach” is in the end pretty much secondary.

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