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Internet Marketing And Working Hard

Will Believing In The Dogma Of Working Hard Help You In Succeeding In The Internet Marketing Arena?

There are quite some ideas flying around in the internet and especially in the field of internet marketing and internet money generation concerning the necessity of working hard. Some say it is more important to work smart than to work hard, and of course there is this huge group of beings promoting that hard work is not necessary at all.

Before we dive deeper into the subject, I think it is important to bring the question to the foreground, what work, or hard work really means? What is the overall accepted definition of “hard work”?

Definition Of Hard Work

Asking this question we come to the pretty fascinating answer that there is no common definition of “work” at all. Well – to be precise – there are some rough definitions that are in smaller or bigger quantities accepted by most people, and that would be something like: Doing something for others, would be considered work, doing something in order to make money could be considered work, or doing something I do not want to do, can also be considered work.

Of course, it is often hard to seperate and classify your actions precisely, so it might be hard to really categorize your doings into work and no-work.
Holding this in the background of your mind, that we have problems really knowing what “work” is, it will be very hard to come to a consensus whether hard work is required in order to achieve internet marketing success, or not.

Action Vs. Head Work

I would tend more in the direction that work is required in achieving your desired outcomes, but writing this, I need to open up another dimension of the definition of the words “hard work”. And this level is the mental arena. Because work can be done with your head and of course with your hands, but the far more effective work, is the one you do with your head, by thinking in the right way and getting to the conclusion that if you do not do the mental work, there will not be enough action in the world to make up for that.

Many so called leaders out there will make you want to believe that work is about the action, because they want you to do the things for them. I believe it is really far more about the thinking and feeling, and not the action part. Action might be part of the whole thing, but I think it is not the most important part, just a supplement.

Work And Effort

After all, what is really important to consider, is that you hardly get to an effortless state through effort. So, if you desire to get to a more effortless state with the help of your internet marketing career and business, be aware now not to effort too much, because this way of reaching your aim of a joyful, free, easy and effortless life is going to be really hard.

Utilizing Technology And System Work

Another great thing concerning work in the internet marketing branch is, that there are many systems and great technology involved, that if utilized properly will get a lot of work done for you. So also work is most likely required, due to the help of technology and smart systems, it should not be necessary to work hard anymore.


There is nothing wrong with working hard and taking lots of action, although it should always be monitored whether hard work and effort really produces the desired results. Because at the end of the day it is not the hard work, or the action that matters, but the results that are created for you, in terms of new sign-ups, leads and/ or money generated through your internet marketing approach.

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