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IM Success – Fell in Love Often, Betroth Rarely, Never Marry

You May Wonder Why Falling In Love With Internet Marketing Programs And Opportunities Consistently And Avoiding A Too Close Bondage With Just One Program Is The Best Way To Move Forward In Your Internet Marketing Career?

Here I will list for you the most important reasons why joining more than one internet marketing opportunity might be a good idea, and why it might even be useful to make joining new internet marketing opportunities from time to time a solid habit:

Too Many Good Opportunities Out There

One of the main and most obvious reason why you should be open and involved in more than one internet opportunity program is because there are far too man good programs out there, and although it is impossible to be involved in all of them, it makes at least sense to join a couple of them over time.

Reducing Your Risk

There are many things that are absolutely out of your control and very often even out of the control of the program administrators and owners that can cause an internet opportunity to fail, especially in the early days, but also later on. If you join just one opportunity and something happens, you have no alternative and no income back-up to cover your expenses. So in order to reduce the risk of not having an income stream it is recommended to build more than one income stream.

Increasing The Fun Factor

Having more than one program in your internet marketing portfolio gives you more variety in your daily routines and more different things to do and think about, which should give you more fun in the long run. This argument for diversification is more important than you might think. Fun and joy while you are doing what you decided to do, is very important for your long-term internet marketing success.

Learning And Growing Your Awareness

Being part of more than one program, joining new programs, learning about new business ideas and concepts will most likely rise your awareness and will help you stay close to the market and tuned in to what is going on. It will also give you the possibility to sharpen your skills, connect to new people and enjoy the journey you are moving on.

Multiplying Your Potential

Another interesting point for the diversification of your internet marketing portfolio might be that you can cross-promote your different programs. Someone being interested in one program, might also be interested in one of the other programs within your portfolio. Of course there is no guarantee, and it might in some cases be difficult to cross-promote, but if you manage to set your systems up in the right way, this idea can really pay off.


These are just a couple of ideas, why the diversification of your internet marketing portfolio might make sense. When you think about it for a while you might find some more good reasons for a diversified portfolio with more than one internet marketing opportunity, or against it. This also depends on the internet programs you are involved in and the way they function and how automated they are.

So in some cases less diversification makes more sense and sometimes a more diversified portfolio would be the better choice. Of course this is also dependent on the desired size of your internet marketing endeavor and the goals you are aiming for.

No matter what your choices will be, make sure you are comfortable with them while you are proceeding.

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