Internet Marketing And The You First Approach

If you are within the Internet Marketing Business for a while you might have realized that most Internet Marketers are just interested in making money. Even if they care about you, it is usually just pretended.

We All Want Money And Value

Do not get me wrong here, there is nothing wrong with being interested in making money and aiming for it wholeheartedly.
But you should also be aware that there might be other humans involved in doing business, whether this is online and digital or not. And if you have some product or service to sell, you need to be aware that people might only pay money for something that is of value to them, or that they really want to have because of its beauty.

Actually this is pretty much common sense, but as soon as money is involved, it seems that many people stop using their common sense and just hope and wait for the money to flow to them. It can work this way, but usually it does not.

What Is The You First Approach?

And that is the reason why it might really make sense to take into account the “You First Approach”. All it means is actually rising your awareness that there might be another human be involved in your internet business endeavor, and that it might only really work out for you if this other human being involved gets some value that she/he is really interested in giving you monetary rewards in exchange for it.

And once again, because this is really important to keep in mind, that people see value in many things and services, even many services that you might not even be aware of right now.
Just to give you an idea, there are people paying money just for being able to call someone, and this person is doing nothing else but listening and understanding. Psychotherapists primarily do exactly this, listening and understanding; they of course give some advice too, but a great part of their job is to listen.

And within internet and affiliate marketing there are many products and services you could offer, some of which you might not even have heard of.

Make Sure There Is Value

In any way try to make sure that there is real value involved for the other part that you are doing business with, and not just empty promises, otherwise it will be hard for you to build a lasting internet business that is creating an ever increasing and hopefully passive income stream for you.

On the other hand, it is of course important, depending on where you are standing, that you also watch out for your own interests and that you get paid at the end of the day. Because if you do not take care for your own interests, who else could be expected to do so? And of course, if you only look at yourself all of the time, who will you be?

Final Thought

But we do not want to get too philosophical here, and if you can just take with you one idea that sums it all up. Do not get too hyped up and always keep your critical thinking running while you walk yourself through all the internet marketing arenas. If something does not provide value to you, it will most likely not provide value to those you can reach, and so it is most likely not a good product to promote for you.

The Law Of Attraction In Internet Marketing

Today, the topic is Internet Marketing, of course, and the Law of Attraction. Now you might think, how does that fit together? And in one way or another, you are right, that does not really fit together.

Internet Marketing vs. The Law of Attraction

Internet Marketing has a lot to do with getting something done, with doing something to get a product or service delivered, while the Law of Attraction has a lot to do with letting things happen, which you have thought through before.

If you look at these two themes just roughly they seem to be very controversy in nature and absolutely incompatible. But trust me, this is just the first glance. Great art always has to do with uniting things that seem to be completely different if you do not look closely enough.

Are IM And The LOA Really So Different?

But if we look at it closely, the Law of Attraction and Internet Marketing can really be united in a nice and smart way.

If you start practicing and learning to think and feel consciously about the things you are doing and attracting, it will get easier and easier to come into alignment with your desires and to see where you need to put your offers and in what way.
Doing Internet Marketing in such a way, it will become a study of the Law of Attraction.

Over time you will get better and better in feeling the right path, what programs to promote, which media to join and choose, which trails to follow through.

More On How The Law Of Attraction Works Within IM

The Law of Attraction teaches that there is a source of well-being and the more you get in contact and unity with this source through practicing the art of appreciation, the better your results will get.

There is not one right path and Internet Marketing offers lots of opportunities to get a unique style to the path you are going without going against anybody else, which really makes all the difference.

The ultimate secret and art within Internet Marketing will be to get from the felt point of not being there yet, to the point of having it done, emotionally, and by doing so, you will become a practitioner of the Law of Attraction; being vibrationally at a point before its manifestation. This is the ultimate art of creation within any field of expertise you might want to choose.

Practice Makes The Master

Before you get overexcited about this amazing outlook I am just painting here verbally, be aware that this art and science needs to be practiced. Lots of practice. I know people studying this Law of Attraction science for decades with only small progression. Depending on where you stand and what your background might have been, it might take quite a while before you make recognizable advancements.

Anyway I would say, every second spend on this topic is worth a lot, not only for your own limited personal perception, but also for the whole of humanity.

So, that is it for today. Internet Marketing the Law of Attraction style is definitely a road worth travelling, but it will not be right for everyone.

I can still recommend it.



Internet Marketing And The Value Of High Quality

In today’s little – but sharp – blog post, I will write about the subject of high quality in Internet Marketing, as I think it is worth putting some focus on this idea, and sharing some thoughts about it.

Less Hype Would Be Better

I guess every human being would agree that less hype, especially in the marketing arena, would be more good. No one likes empty promises and promises that can never be accomplished.

But of course many marketers think if they do not promise at least as much as others do, no one will care about their offers; so especially in internet marketing, where every customer might be gone with the click of a button, big promises might keep them on ones website, or make them sign up.

This might be true, but it is not very long term thought, because if people realize that a promise is more within the category of a lie, they will be gone very fast, leaving nothing else but disappointment on both sides.

Being Very Creative

Let us assume there is some sort of a big spirit being part of everything within all of the universe, the idea that all matter has been born out of one intelligent thinking substance. Most likely this super intelligent substance would not have much interest in any form of repetition besides the one that cannot be avoided, that must be. So being super creative and at least trying to bring up really new stuff, or at least trying to give used stuff some sort of a twist could be a really cool idea.

Less Is More And Especially Stylish

Another thing that would add quality to anything you do in any arena you are in, is the approach of trying to make more with less. There was a time and maybe these times will come back again, where most things used to be overloaded with flourishes and nice little trinkets, but often it makes far more in the sense of beauty and style if you are able to get to the final result with far less. So, more focus on clear and simple structures and forms.

Never Be Too Sure

Especially if you are creating written works and scriptures, or books, and you are not just plain story telling, try to never be too sure. Yes, I know, in marketing, and especially in internet marketing you need to show certainty and authority, and therefor you need to be sure, and yes, this might work for some people, now and then, but I think it is more authentic and more human style and more liked by other human beings if you do not claim that much, but try to be more humble and calm and friendly. Sometimes this strategy works really well, but only if you try it, of course.

Put A Piece Of Spirit In All Your Works

And before I get to my closing paragraph, here comes the ultimate hint: do some of your highest spirit in all you do and create, always. Try to be always connected to your highest presence and feel the joy while doing what you are doing right now. Although I do not know how that is exactly working, I am pretty sure it will really add to the quality of what you are doing and the things you will be creating. And yes, you will feel much better on the way to your ultimate goals.

In Closing

There are many aspects to high quality and high quality is always dependent on taste as well, which depends on age, sex, location and other aspects like environment, education and if you search for it, I am sure you will find many more aspects and categories always changing the perception of quality, although some aspects might be of more value to a bigger number of people.

I assume that if you try to deliver high quality, and you are aware of the subject you are already on a very good way to delivering high quality.

Internet Marketing Motivation – Is It Only About Money?

Money Creation As The Initial Purpose

Most people start out with Internet Marketing or a Home Based Business with the purpose of creating some sort of a cash flow going into their direction, and that is absolutely normal and totally okay. In today’s modern and specialized world, money is a necessity for living and so it is normal that we take care and want money to come and flow to us.

Money Really Motivates

Money can be a great motivator in keeping us going and acting, but it might not be enough of a motivator to get us succeed in a challenging environment. That is the reason why it might be useful to find a even better motivator which really let’s you shine once you start thinking about it.

The Importance Of Self-Motivation

Within the field of internet marketing you will need a lot of self-motivating powers, and to keep you going in the right direction when the weather gets tougher and the wind blows directly into your face, two or three deeper motives why you are doing what you are doing, will definitely help you in achieving your goals over time.

Money Is Buying-Power

Do not get me wrong here, money can be a strong and powerful source for motivation and it might be enough for some people, but it is also abstract somehow, in our times. Yes, money can buy you a lot. A nice house, even a really huge mansion, lots of exquisite foods and drinks, and very special entertainments, even friends and other people might be “bought”, but yet, it is somehow an abstract thing, the “money”.

Money Is Abstract Nowadays

Because if you have a lot of money it usually sits in some sort of accounts or investments and if you walk around on mother earth, you usually do not have it with you. So most of the time, whether you have a couple of millions of dollars in your accounts or not, will actually not make a lot of a difference, except in relation to the way you think and your personal perspective on many things.

Motivation Beyond Money

As having a lot of money is somehow abstract, cultivating a motivation that is more concrete and touchable, might really be a good idea for many people. It is also said, that the flowing in of money becomes more fluent and easy once you start not focusing so much on money and making money, but more on the joyful actions you perform, or the contents and pieces of art you create in your chosen field of creation, and then let the money be the logical consequence of your joyful focus.

The Magic Of Changed Viewpoints

If you try to approach the income and money creation from this perspective, magic things might happen, because you withdraw your awareness from the absence of money, from the standpoint of wanting to make money and are now coming more from the new viewpoint of already being wealthy somehow and doing what you enjoy to do, and suddenly the missing pieces you have been looking for so long will start falling in place fast and effortlessly.

In Closing

To express it in as simple words as possible, it means to focus more on things you love to do, getting your motivation not so much from the money you will make, but more from the freedom you will have while reaching your goals, or the joy you have while trying to manifest surroundings you always dreamed of.

I am not sure whether I managed to get my point across. Before writing this blog post it seemed clearer and simpler, but the words developed a bit different than intended. Hope it gave you some inspiration and good feelings anyway.


Free Self-Development E-Books For Wealth, Health And Greatness

In today’s short and precise blog post, I will invite you to take a closer look and also download your free copies of Wallace D. Wattles famous Science book trilogy. Namely these are “The Science of Getting Rich”, “The Science of Being Well” and “The Science of Being Great”.

Although these books have been written about 100 years ago, based upon my research they are still among the best and can certainly be named “leading” within their field of expertise. The advantage of such old scriptures is, that they are in public domain by now, so they are free to share for everyone.

The underlying idea of all three books has to do with the subject “Law of Attraction”, and from there on the author sheds light on the big subjects of most human beings, which might be Wealth, Health and Greatness (personal importance).

It is highly recommended to start out with “The Science of Getting Rich”, as it also includes some sort of an introduction to the basic ideas, views and principles of the author and the whole Law of Attraction subject.

In my opinion these books are really inspirational and worth reading and studying. The versions I share with you in a second are in .pdf-format and are formatted in a way, that makes them good to read on most e-readers.

Here are the links to the e-books (links will open in new tab/window):

“The Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace D. Wattles

“The Science of Being Well” by Wallace D. Wattles

“The Science of Being Great” by Wallace D. Wattles

This is my gift for You today! Hope it will give you some positive inspiration, and it will help you in seeing clearer and better, and that your whole life will profit from it, in one way or another.

Internet Marketing And Living Free – Questioning THE Lifestyle

In today’s short and to the point blog post I will write about the subject of lifestyle, living free and whether there is a perfect lifestyle which is worth aiming for.

Become Aware Of Your Motivation

I think this is a very interesting topic for anyone who seriously starts thinking about getting into the subject of internet marketing and online money making, because very often, in my opinion, the underlying motivation has to do with living a better life; although many people never really think about, what that actually means, and how an improved life would actually look like.
The problem here really is, that without at least a rough idea and imagination about what you want and how you want your life to look like, you will never get there and achieve it.

Get A Clear Picture Of What You Want

Yes, it is true that we all want more money, a 100% healthy body and all people of the planet should respect and love us. So, give it to us, now, god or whoever is responsible for this show.

But I think it does not really work this way. We need to get a clearer picture of what we really want, because what I want will be at least a little bit different to the things anyone else wants, and if I do not make the effort to more precisely define, what it is that I want, I most likely will not get it.

Another important aspect I want to touch within this short article is the fact that you do not necessarily need a lot of money in order to be happy, and you also do not need one of these 5 million dollar mansions, 4 amazing sport-cars, 3 beautiful kids and all the other stuff we often mistakenly equate with success and the feeling of being an achiever and a happy person.

How Much Money Do You Actually Need?

I often heard that the most happiest persons on planet earth are those who can get along with less stuff, and not with more. There are many good reasons for that, which I do not want to discuss right now, as it would make this short article too long.

Do not get me wrong, there is no problem with having all that stuff, I just wanted to remind you, that being happy and healthy is more important than having all that stuff, and if you manage to achieve that, without needing all that stuff, this might be your perfect lifestyle.

As we just leveled the playing field, between having a lot of stuff, and having hardly anything, there are many states of possession in between, which can also be very worthwhile to live, and the only one who can really judge about, whether your life and lifestyle is okay for you, is you. And if you start making your life good right now, within your imagination and being happy about what is still to come, I guess everything will become more easy, simple and fluent for you.

Define Your Lifestyle

So, in order to keep this internet-marketing-lifestyle-blog-post short and efficient, we will get to a conclusion, which says that there is not one perfect lifestyle.

There is not THE lifestyle. And whatever anyone wants to make you believe, and if everyone judges and blames you for not living up to what they think is correct, you should ignore it and just try to keep searching and finding what you would consider your dream life. Because it is enough if you consider your life and lifestyle perfect and great, because no one else knows as much about your life as you and you will live your life, and not them.

In Closing

Hope you had a good time reading and it gave you some positive inspiration to start living your dream lifestyle right now, within your imagination, and get a bit happier every day as you slowly start seeing things turning out and moving in the way you always dreamed of.

12 Principles For Living A Good And Healthy Life

Find Out About 12 Easy To Implement Principles That Will Most Likely Help You In Maintaining And Supporting Your Health

I guess everyone wants to be healthy, and searches and develops principles to ensure that. Here are some of the principles and habits that I found useful in staying healthy. Feel free to use and try what makes sense to you.

Based upon my experience, nothing works for everyone, and although I think the principles presented here should do good to every human being, please only use what feels right to you. I think it should not be too hard to implement at least a couple of these principles into your daily routine.

Some of these principles could be compared to master-principles and might take years to learn and get good at. Be easy with yourself and have fun with it. No one became a master over night, a little step in the right direction from time to time is the far better approach than trying to implement all of it over night.

And one last thing that I think is worth mentioning here, based upon my experience: If you truly believe something is good for your health and you practice it, you will be fine. Over time your believes might change, but my recommendation would be, not to act and live against your believes, whatever your believes are.

Okay, enough for an introduction, I hope you got my point with it. Let’s get into the principles I found and tested over time, and which revealed themselves as beneficial to my health.

1. Eat Superfoods Daily

Superfoods are naturally and organically produced whole foods with many good properties, or to be more precise with more good properties than many other foods. Examples would be all kind of leafy green vegetables, or Sauerkraut.
It is best to eat a substantial part of your Superfoods as unprocessed and raw as possible, as many vitamins and other stuff can get destroyed by heating it too much. I created a short blog post here on Superfoods and might write another one in the future.

2. Eat In The Right Way

The best is to eat in silence and being grateful for having food to nourish you. And no matter what you eat, think and know that it will perfectly support you. Realize how good the food tastes and feel the appreciation. Always chew your food well. Best would be to chew your food until it is liquid before swallowing it.

3. Scrub Your Whole Fascia (Connective Tissue) Daily

Underneath your skin is your fascia, which primarily connects many parts of your body. Besides other things it helps your skin look young and fresh, provides nutrition, channels metabolic products and helps closing the wound area in case of injuries. Do a research for yourself if you are interested in the many important parts the fascia plays in keeping your body at health.

By scrubbing your fascia with a dry brush once a day you activate it and support it in its smooth functioning and also clean dead cells of your skin. As a hint, I would preferably do this in the morning, as this action activates your whole organism, which might not be desired before going to bed.

4. Change Hot And Cold Three Times While Showering

Whenever I am taking a shower I start out with warm, nearly hot water, but have three periods of about 30 seconds where I switch to ice-cold water, and then taking another 30 seconds of hot water showering after each cold water period.
After the last cold water period I finish my shower.
It takes some overcoming in the beginning, but you will realize really fast how refreshing and revitalizing this type of showering is.
If you need more reasons for this hot-cold-procedure, here they are:
While it is hot, your blood moves towards your skin, and while it is cold, it moves back to your organs. By doing so, the blood is washing through your cells, cleaning and nurturing them. Really powerful thing to do.

5. Walk Stairs Daily

There are people who say that the development of elevators was the worst invention for human health ever made. Why? Bending your knees makes your lymph move, which keeps your immune system functioning properly.
Research it, if you are interested in this in more detail, or just trust me and try to walk a couple of stairs every day; or do a couple of knee bends after getting out of bed. That will do it as well, I assume.

6. Drink A Lot Of Water

Our physical bodies consist primarily of water. So drinking water, and we mean it, just simple water – ideally: clean, organic spring water – , and as much as you can, will most likely help your body to keep its balance and function in a good way.
I guess by now this ‘Drink-A-Lot-Of-Water-Is-Healthy-Thing’ is really common sense, although I think most people do not follow up with it intensively enough. But maybe I am wrong with this estimation.

7. Breath Deeply Often

Well, you might say we are breathing all of the time anyway, and you are right, because otherwise you would not be living anymore. But when I say ‘Breath Deeply’, I really mean pumping up your lungs with air to the limit, a really deep breath. Do it whenever you think about it, do it right now. Daily, every hour, as long as you think about it and whenever you think about it. Deep breathing is ultimately healthy.

8. Practice Happy Thinking

You think and you feel bad, or you think and you feel great. Thinking is one of the ultimate arts. If you become a master in thinking, you will be a master in this physical world. Being aware of your thoughts most of the time needs awareness, a high degree of awareness and lots of practice. Constantly monitoring your thoughts is most likely the hardest work to do. So be easy with yourself, if you fail, if you fall, just get up, and keep going. Learning to meditate might help, because before getting on a negative train of thought, you might be able to go into silence, if you are used to meditation.

Once again, be easy with your happy thinking approach, work on it, but be gentle if it does not work out right away; but keep working on it. Do not give up here, it is very important, for all of us, but especially for yourself.

9. Practice Better Feeling

If you start thinking in the right way, feeling better will come naturally. But actually it is the Feeling-Good-Thing that most of your focus should be put upon, because you will have a heart time monitoring all your thoughts; there are usually just too many, but if we care more about how we feel it becomes simpler.

If you care more about how you feel, and nothing is more important than that you feel good, and always better, you will be on the right path. And how do you know, it is the right path? Because you will gradually feel better, that is how you know.

10. Have Fun And Play Daily

Spare some time daily and have fun and play, because it eases the mind. I think this is a really important aspect to a healthy life. Joy and fun and just playing without too much seriousness and this always trying to get there. Just play!

11. Imagine More, Observe Less

Imagination is the true creative power and if you manage to take your energy and your joy out of pictures created in your mind and seeing things happen externally based upon your own imagination-based and pure vibration, you then have become the creator that you meant to be.

It might take time to shift the focus from observing to imagination, and you may fail and fall sometimes, especially in the beginning, but just get up again and keep practicing and you will get better and better, and things will happen with always greater ease.

12. Take Many Ocean-Of-Light-Naps Daily

Ocean Of Light Naps may only take you a couple of minutes. Best way to do it is to lay down, but you can also do them while sitting, walking, whatever. Imagine yourself being in an ocean of light, feel the warmth and see the light, although your eyes are closed and feel how the light and the warmth uplift and heal you, you and all your bodies. Feel the joy of being in this ocean of light, and try to not think anything during that few minutes, just feel the light.

In Closing

That is it. Practicing all or some of these principles should add to your health and well being. Be easy about it, it is far better to let things happen and evolve naturally, than to try to push yourself too hard. Understanding and realization sometimes needs its time.

Internet Marketing And Working Hard

Will Believing In The Dogma Of Working Hard Help You In Succeeding In The Internet Marketing Arena?

There are quite some ideas flying around in the internet and especially in the field of internet marketing and internet money generation concerning the necessity of working hard. Some say it is more important to work smart than to work hard, and of course there is this huge group of beings promoting that hard work is not necessary at all.

Before we dive deeper into the subject, I think it is important to bring the question to the foreground, what work, or hard work really means? What is the overall accepted definition of “hard work”?

Definition Of Hard Work

Asking this question we come to the pretty fascinating answer that there is no common definition of “work” at all. Well – to be precise – there are some rough definitions that are in smaller or bigger quantities accepted by most people, and that would be something like: Doing something for others, would be considered work, doing something in order to make money could be considered work, or doing something I do not want to do, can also be considered work.

Of course, it is often hard to seperate and classify your actions precisely, so it might be hard to really categorize your doings into work and no-work.
Holding this in the background of your mind, that we have problems really knowing what “work” is, it will be very hard to come to a consensus whether hard work is required in order to achieve internet marketing success, or not.

Action Vs. Head Work

I would tend more in the direction that work is required in achieving your desired outcomes, but writing this, I need to open up another dimension of the definition of the words “hard work”. And this level is the mental arena. Because work can be done with your head and of course with your hands, but the far more effective work, is the one you do with your head, by thinking in the right way and getting to the conclusion that if you do not do the mental work, there will not be enough action in the world to make up for that.

Many so called leaders out there will make you want to believe that work is about the action, because they want you to do the things for them. I believe it is really far more about the thinking and feeling, and not the action part. Action might be part of the whole thing, but I think it is not the most important part, just a supplement.

Work And Effort

After all, what is really important to consider, is that you hardly get to an effortless state through effort. So, if you desire to get to a more effortless state with the help of your internet marketing career and business, be aware now not to effort too much, because this way of reaching your aim of a joyful, free, easy and effortless life is going to be really hard.

Utilizing Technology And System Work

Another great thing concerning work in the internet marketing branch is, that there are many systems and great technology involved, that if utilized properly will get a lot of work done for you. So also work is most likely required, due to the help of technology and smart systems, it should not be necessary to work hard anymore.


There is nothing wrong with working hard and taking lots of action, although it should always be monitored whether hard work and effort really produces the desired results. Because at the end of the day it is not the hard work, or the action that matters, but the results that are created for you, in terms of new sign-ups, leads and/ or money generated through your internet marketing approach.

Internet Marketing And Inner Roadblocks

Internet Marketing – Desire To Move Forward And Inner Roadblocks

Everyone who has been in Internet Marketing for a while may have realized this phenomena of inner roadblocks. You want to get somewhere, you want to do some advertising and marketing and joining a new program, but somehow, you just cannot do it. It just does not feel right, although all parameters seem to be good and doing the actions just seems to be a routine easlily done.

What To Do In Situations Like This?

If I were you, I would wait, if this is somehow possible. Sometimes there is no such choice, I know, and you have to act, but if there is such choice, I would decide not to act, and wait until the inner roadblocks are gone, and the inner lights show a clear green sign again.

If you do have to act, be sure not to expect the best outcomes. Usually the action is not worth it, if you do not feel like it. This is my experience.
So, if you know how you feel, you can know what to expect from any given action and you will be less dissapointed, if there are no results.

Why Are There These Inner Roadblocks?

These inner roadblocks are part of your inner guiding system. This inner guiding system usually has a far broader perspective than any human perspective will ever be able to offer, so I would consider it as wise to listen inside and follow this inner feeling guidance whereever possible.

This inner guidance system knows far more things and details than you will ever be able to understand, so trying to ask “Why?” and “How?” and so on, will not give you satisfying answers, primarily because most humans nowadays will not be able to fully understand the answers that would be coming forth from your higher self.

These inner roadblocks are often a sign for trying to make things happen too much through taking action, and by coming from a point of lack, instead of a point of abundance. So sitting back and analyzing the reasons and motivations of ones so desired actions and outcomes may be a good idea, before blindly rushing into things.

Conclusions Concerning Inner Roadblocks

Do not try to run down inner roadblocks, just wait, they will usually be dissolving themselfs in the near future, if you start asking the right questions on your true and honest reasons for actions.

In Closing

I know this “inner roadblocks” subject is the high art of self-development, self-discovery and self-knowledge. I just wanted to scratch the subject with the ultimate advise, not to run down those inner roadblocks.

I know, the whole subject has the capacity to fill books (a good book title could be: “About The Kingdom Within”), but I did not even wanted to go in the direction of a deeper uncovering here, as I think everyone needs to go this path on their own and a verbal uncovering here – from my perspective – does not seem helpful to anyone at this moment in time.

Internet Marketing Inside – Follow The Trail

Internet And Network Marketing Inside – Follow The Trail

I am pretty sure there are some people out there who already heard of this “Follow the trail” saying; but what does it actually mean?

Rise Your Awareness

This is in my opinion a very important clue to solving this little secret behind the “Follow The Trail” saying. Before you join an opportunity it is absolutely helpful to realize how you came to joining this given opportunity.

Was it because you got an email from a friend? Was it because you surfed a traffic-exchange program, or because you did a google search and stumbled over this opportunity because of that search?

This Is The Trail To Follow

By being aware on how an opportunity found you, or you found the opportunity will give you an important inside on how this opportunity might primarily be promoted, and whether this might be something for you; more precise whether this marketing channel can be mastered and utilized by you. Do you have the skills to do it this way, is this way of promoting the given opportunity really the best possible way to promote this exact opportunity?

Why Should This “Follow The Trail” Thing Be Considered

Getting an awareness of how opportunities are promoted will of course not mean that this is the only way a given business opportunity is brought to market, but I think it is a helpful piece of the decision making puzzle whether a certain opportunity is really worth joining from your part.

It might for example give you an idea on what is required in order to succeed with an opportunity and whether you are able and willing to do what is necessary in order to succeed on a given path.

In Closing

“Follow the trail” is definitely not the only thing you should consider before making a decision in joining an opportunity program, but it should become a habit that runs in the background and should ideally be a part of the influencing pattern which makes up your final decision whether to join an opportunity system or not.