Thoughts About Being An Artist

This is going to be a blog-post that I wanted to write for quite a while and it has only partially to do with internet marketing and far more with the art of being an artist, as the title of this post lets us assume.

Everyone Can Be An Artist

It might be that there are many artists out there who consider themselves artists but never thought about the things that actually make an artist an artist. And I am not talking about whether an actor is an artist, or an author, or a dancer. The way someone has chosen to express the creative force is not really the theme of this artistic article.

And I also want to mention that being an artist is not limited to certain tasks at all, in my opinion. An artist can hide behind all kind of expressions of form, like an Internet Marketer, or a real estate agent, or a controller within a company.

Being an artist is more a thing that depends on how you do things, it more has to do with the inner attitude you practice while you are acting and performing. In my opinion, if you want to be considered an artist, you cannot act and perform without joy, without a singing and loving heart, without putting a piece of your highest spirit in everything you do.

What Really Makes An Artist?

A real artist, no matter in what vacation she is engaged, always puts some of his joy, fun and freedom into his work, which ultimately makes it an artwork; independent of it being really called an artwork, it becomes an artwork through the love involved in its creation.

The great news which follows these assumptions is that every human has the potential to be an artist by doing things in the right way and putting some of the joy and love felt while creating something into the work being done. This is actually very simple and natural and kids act and live like that most of the time; if they are not forced otherwise.

So, by now everyone should have understood what makes an artist based upon my exclusive view, and that there are hardly any limitations in arts. You might wonder why I keep writing and why I started writing about this subject in the first place.

Why Choosing The Artistic Way?

Well, the purpose was to shed some light on the subject of arts creation and what an artist actually is, and of course to motivate more people in becoming artists in their own chosen field of interest.

I think this world and the experience of physical living will become exponentially more worthwhile if more people would try to approach their presence on the artistic principals outlined within this simple and precise little blog-post.

But besides the fact that the general masses would hugely benefit by more artistically styled practical styles of living by an increasing number of human beings, I am also absolutely convinced of the fact that every person who is willing to apply these artistic ideas to his own style of living will hugely benefit from it in a way that can hardly be described.

I did not start out with this article convincing anyone of anything. The purpose of this little text might more be seen in inspiring people to give the artistic way of doing things an ever increasing awareness, here and now.

In Closing

I guess this is enough now, the idea should be clear enough for those able to grasp it, and those unable will not understand it, even if I would write another 606 words.

So I will close this short little essay with the following words:
Be it, Live it, Express it, Enjoy it.