Simple Internet Marketing Success System

A Simple System To Internet Marketing Success

Is There A Simple System To Success And Money Generation In The Field Of Internet Marketing?

Before we dive into the subject we need a couple of things clarified, or defined, if you prefer this word. “Simple” and “Success” are words that can be interpreted in an huge bandwidth. When I talk about “simple”, I mean the basic idea, that is simple, and not that it is all like: 1, 2, 3, and you have achieved everything. And “Success” means, that you will start slowly accumulating ever bigger amounts of profit once you set up the system and keep fueling it over a longer period of time.

The Basic Idea

You take an internet program that has the potential to generate money for you, while also building yourself a contact list virally. Even better would be, if you find an internet program that also delivers some sort of advertising and some smart tools like link trackers, advertising materials, etc.. A really good program that I like to recommend here is the LeadsLeap Program, but this is just my recommendation and perhaps you know another one that will do the job.
Make sure that this program of your choice is long-term, free to join, that it really delivers value and that good and honest people are standing behind the program managing it in the right way.

Once you have found such a program, and you got familiar with it, you need a good and solid source of traffic, with which you can promote this program. It is really crucial that you get quality visitors, that are interested in your internet program, and usually you will need to pay for this type of visitors. If you would ask me, I would highly recommend you Udimi Solo Ads as advertising source, but of course this is just my recommendation, you might have a better idea.

I know there are many traffic sources out there nowadays, but trust me, most of them are not worth the while. Most advertising sources are either far too expensive, or they offer forced traffic in one way or another, which means people are getting rewarded in one way or another for watching the advertisements. This kind of traffic is usually not converting very well. Examples would be traffic exchanges, most rev-share advertising programs, safe-lists, etc..

That is more or less the simple system for internet marketing success. Now you just keep advertising your internet program with your traffic source over a longer period of time. If you decide to choose my recommendations (LeadsLeap, Udimi Solo Ads) you even have the advantage, that you can also promote Udimi within the LeadsLeap Program. This would mean another stream of revenue for you.

As you proceed and your list of contacts grows you may want to ad further streams of revenue to your portfolio.

Things To Consider

This is the basic idea, but while implementing your system, you will realize that there are many options and things, where there are no 100% precise instructions and ready-made-solutions waiting for you and where you might need to test things, and sometimes take a risk, and sometimes you will make the wrong decision, and loose something.

No system in our complex world will ever be just “1,2,3, and done successfully”, usually. There might be some really rare exceptions to this, but usually, you will have to learn and decide and grow, while you are setting things into motion.


There is no really “super-simple” system, just simple basic ideas, which – of course – are always a bit abstract. But anyway having such a basic idea and perhaps also knowing why you are moving in a certain direction and why you want to achieve a certain state-of-being, or goal, will help you in making a simple system work and getting there.

If you stay tuned and learn to master the challenges and keep holding the vision of your desired vision, I am 100% sure that you will get there.

Oh, and one last important thing: Take responsibility for what you are doing, or not doing. Do not blame it on others. If you do not find a way, no-one will. Your life, your kingdom, your reward, your joy, your happiness. Just do it.

Hope this little post on simple systems and internet marketing success may help you along the way.


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