MyPayingCryptoAds Reviewed

Have you wondered how Good and Worthwhile the MyPayingCryptoAds Program really is? Are You Interested in an Honest Insider Perspective? If you are really interested, just keep reading…

Important notice: MPCA will – until further notice by the admin – run as a traffic exchange with a bitcoin based premium membership, and will restart as revenue-sharing platform approximately in 2018.

What Is MyPayingCryptoAds (MPCA) In A Nutshell?

MPCA is an advertising and revenue sharing program, that offers Login Ads, a Traffic Exchange, Banner Ads, Text Ads, PPC Banner Ads and Cashlinks, which you can buy and look at. You can also buy so called Adpacks at different prices starting from 0.01 btc, and you will get a couple of thousand Banner Ad Views included in your Adpack, and are participated in the revenue of the program. As long as people keep buying advertising on MPCA and Adpacks, a part of the whole revenue is shared between all Adpack-Owners.

What Is Required In Order To Earn A Share Of The Revenue?

To earn a share of the revenue you need to buy at least one Adpack and you have to click 10 ads on the MPCA traffic exchange every 24 hours. So at least every 24 hours you need to log in and click 10 ads, to keep your account active and qualify for a share of the revenue. If you are unable to do that for a while, you have the option of buying a Surf-Free-Ticket, so that you will earn on your Adpacks although you are not clicking. That is pretty cool, I think, as many of us might need a break from time to time.

What Makes MyPayingCryptoAds Special?

MyPayingCryptoAds (MPCA) is a spin-off from MyPayingAds, which is one of the biggest active revenue sharing and advertising programs on the internet at the moment of me writing this review. And as the name mentions it, it is based upon the first and most famous cryptocurrency, the Bitcoin. So all payments are exclusively made with Bitcoin, which of course means, that anyone taking part in MPCA should have a bitcoin wallet.

Can I Recommend MyPayingCryptoAds?

I hesitated really long before joining MPCA, and by now, I must say that I nearly regret it. It is far better than I expected. The clicking of the ads is fast and smooth and the shared revenue is really good. The advertising results, as far as I can measure it by now, are fair, and the coolest part is – in my opinion – that it is completely based upon Bitcoin. If you like Bitcoin and it evolution, you will certainly agree that this alone is a very good criteria for joining MPCA right away. So in five short words: I can really recommend MPCA.

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How Good Is The Advertising?

This question is hard to answer as it is dependent on many aspects: the quality of your ad, the quality of your sales-page or squeeze page, the chosen advertising format and of course whether the product is suitable for the market. All I can say is, that I am pretty happy with the results that I am getting, but that does not need to mean anything for you.

Concerning Adpacks And Revenue Sharing

Every Adpack will earn you a share of the revenue of MPCA up to 120% of the Adpack value. At the time of writing, you will make approximately 2% daily, but this is of course subject to change and dependent on the revenue that MPCA is generating. You can have up to 100 Adpacks for the price of 0.01 btc each, if you want more and higher valued Adpacks a small monthly membership fee will be applicable. You can get all the details about this on the “Details” page on the MPCA-Website.

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Is Referring New Members Rewarded?

A very important question might be, whether the referring of new members is rewarded, and I can tell you, it is. You will get up to 10% commission of the purchases of your directly referred members. To be precise, 10% on all advertising sales, and 6% on all Adpacks, that a person joining through your referral link, will buy.

In Closing

That’s it. I really tried to keep it short and to the point, because I do not want to waste your precious time. Some information on this page might not be up-to-date forever, but you always get updated information on the MPCA-Website, and you should check all details there anyway before joining. As already mentioned, I can absolutely recommend MPCA, but of course nothing is for everyone, and I am sure you will decide for yourself.

Hope you got some value or at least enjoyed the reading time!