7 Hints To Improve Your Forex Trading

As we know, the Foreign Exchange (Forex) market is a market with lots of liquidity and you can make quite some money there, if you know what you are doing. The Forex market is open Sunday night till Friday night around the clock and buying and selling of currencies is fast and easy, once you have the necessary skills.

As a matter of fact, 95% of all Forex traders are losing money on the market and based upon experience, I know that it is not that simple to consistently make money trading Forex. In the following blog post are 7 things worth considering that will help you stay in the game and learn how to trade the Forex market, so that you might eventually make consistent profits over the long run.

I will not explain all the basics and the Forex jargon, as this would break the intended size of this blog post. This means you should have some basic knowledge of Forex trading and the specifics involved, otherwise the information presented here will be sometimes hard to grasp for you.
By doing an internet search I am pretty sure you will find free resources that will help you in understanding the basics of Forex trading.

1. Follow The Trend

As an old saying goes: “The trend is your friend.” It is very true for the Forex market. Going against the trend will not help you in the long run. It is of course true that there are always different trends running on different Charts in dependence of the time frame you choose, so it might be not too simple to figure out where the real trend is and how you can profit from it. Practicing will help you figuring out where the trend is, and how to ride it to your advantage.

2. The Secret Of Support And Resistance Lines

Whenever we can draw an horizontal line where the price often moves around over time or often bounces back upwards or downwards, we have a support or resistance line. It is called support line when the price comes from upward and bounces back up again, and it is called a resistance line when the price comes from downwards and bounces back down again. These lines are interesting, as there is usually some price action going on whenever these lines are broken or whenever the price bounces back on them. This is the reason why they might offer a great opportunity to start your trade; through practicing you will learn how to utilize these lines.

3. The Magic Is In The Naked Charts

Forget about all these indicators, they are usually completely useless. If you have a clean candlestick-chart, that is all you need. The candles show you the prize movement within different time frames and will give you insides on prize levels that are of interest and importance. What you need in order to succeed is that you learn to read the charts in the right way; the best way to get there is by practicing it.

4. Never Enter The Market Directly

Whenever you are trading, trade through Limit or Stop orders. Never enter the market directly by buying or selling at the present market prize.
This is more a psychological thing, because by deciding where to put your order you made a plan before doing so, that will give you a higher probability to win than to lose. It is hard to explain and even harder to prove, but ultimately true.

5. Always Take More Than You Might Eventually Lose

Your TakeProfit must always be bigger than your StopLoss, if you want to win in the long run, and of course you should set a StopLoss and a TakeProfit, always. Be aware that you usually have a Spread (because your broker also wants to make some money) so that you choose your TakeProfit and StopLoss according to that and still have a bigger TakeProfit.

6. Proper Money Management Will Keep You Alive

Never ever lose more than 5% of your capital per trade. Even better would be 2%, and even better than 2% would be 1% per trade. Trading the Forex market is really risky business, so there are many traders that will tell you that proper money management is one of the most important skills as a Forex trader, if you want to actually make some money in it.
You will control the percentage of your capital you set at risk by choosing the right Lot-Size and a proper StopLoss.

7. Demotrade, Demotrade, Demotrade

The smart people out there will teach you that you should at least trade for 6 month successfully on a Demo-Account before actually risking any real money. To be honest with you, it might take a couple of years until you will achieve a successful 6-month-Demo-Trading-period. It depends on a lot of factors, and if you have a huge portion of talent, you might get there faster.
Just for the case that I have not mentioned it, a Demo-Account is offered by nearly all brokers and provides you with real market conditions, but you are not trading with real money. So it is perfect to try out whether you are ready to trade for real. If you are unable to make money Demo-Trading, do not even think about trading with real money, if you do not want to lose it.

Final Recommendation

Forex trading is not as simple and easy as it might has been promoted to you. It will require lots of work and practice until you will consistently be able to achieve profits. Before you ever start real trading with a money account, make sure you get yourself a Cash Back Forex account. It is free, and you would give away money if you do not utilize this offer.
Sign up with CashBackForex right now or at least save the link. Click here to get to the CashBackForex Website (link opens in new Tab).


How To Succeed With CrowdRising – A Review

Already heard of CrowdRising? If you want to know what it is all about and how to succeed with it, keep reading…

What Is CrowdRising?

CrowdRising is a peer-to-peer-direct-funding-platform. It allows members to send direct donations from one member to the other. The more people you invite, the more donations you get, and the value of the donations will also increase over time.

What Is Really Cool With CrowdRising?

  • The platform is free to use, without any admin fees
  • A one-time donation of just $20 has the potential to bring you a substantial amount of donations
  • team leaders will be offered the potential to really build something here
  • A very supportive and helpful Facebook group
Click Here To Join CrowdRising
Click the banner to get to the CrowdRising platform.

What Do You Need To Get Started With CrowdRising?

You will need to have a Paypal or Payza wallet funded with $20. A Bitcoin Wallet for later and bigger donations might make sense, but this can be acquired over time. The willingness to learn and being open, in relation with some internet marketing or network marketing skills should be there; otherwise it will be hard to find and invite new people for the purpose of donating.

How To Succeed With CrowdRising?

First of all you need to join the CrowdRising platform and make your first donation of $20. Once you have done that, you need to invite people to join you through your unique referral-link, which you will find in the members area of the CrowdRising platform.

There are many options on how to share your personal CrowdRising-Referral-Link with other people. Perhaps you already know people who might be interested in CrowdRising, which you can tell about it; or you can utilize advertising programs on the internet, like Traffic Exchanges. There are also options to advertise on Social Media Sites like Facebook or Twitter.

Be creative and courageous, try some things and check out what will work for you, and if you need help, or are lost, feel free to ask for help in the CrowdRising Facebook group. There is usually always someone ready to help.

And just for the case you missed the last link to the CrowdRising platform, here it is again:

CrowdRising Banner
Click the banner to join CrowdRising.


I think CrowdRising is a worthwhile platform with the potential to help many people in receiving donations, but of course it is not for everyone, and it requires you to come up with some action and creativity in order to make it work out.

I hope you liked my short review and I also hope you will give CrowdRising a try.

ClickSense Reviewed

What Is ClickSense And Is It Worth Joining?

Some of you might have heard of ClickSense and now they are wondering, whether it is a good program to join. You might wonder what the potential is and whether it is worth joining and taking part in it.

I joined ClickSense quite a while ago and by now I think it is a good program, especially because of the many facets it offers.

What is included in ClickSense?

You can do surveys, tasks and offers and you get paid for it. It is not a lot, but it can sum up, based upon the time and effort you invest. The rewards you will get differ a lot from offer to offer, so it is nearly impossible to give you any numbers on what you can potentially earn.

You also have the possibility to recommend ClickSense to others and earn up to 20% referral commissions (may be subject to change) on the earnings of your direct referrals.

As there is no membership fee or anything like that, there is no way of loosing any money, which means everyone is winning with ClickSense, in relation to the time and effort invested, which is – at least from my point of view – a cool thing.

Click the Banner below, if you want to earn some money on ClickSense:

ClixSense - Advertising that Pays You

Is ClickSense Trustworthy?

It is always good to ask some questions and find out whether a program is worth your time invested.

ClickSense started out as a paid-to-click website, but just recently decided to no longer offer paid-to-click and advertising services, but to focus on surveys, tasks and offers and maybe other ways to make some money online in the near future.

Since 2007 ClickSense is online and providing its services and so I think we can assume that ClickSense is trustworthy, and a safe place on the internet.

How Will you be Paid From ClickSense?

At present ClickSense offers Payza, Neteller, Payoneer, Skrill, Paytoo and Tango Card as payment options. Other options might be added in the future, but I think with these options there should be something for everyone.

You can join ClickSense now and for free by  clicking the banner below:

ClixSense - Advertising that Pays You


ClickSense is one of the oldest and most established survey sites on the internet with a huge membership base. So it is most likely here to stay.
As it is free to join, there is no real risk and I think ClickSense can be worthwhile for people interested in it.

LeadsLeap Advertising System – Reviewed

Maybe You Have Heard About LeadsLeap And Wonder Whether Is Is Worth The While? Keep Reading To Learn More…

What Is LeadsLeap?

LeadsLeap is an unique Traffic-Exchange (TE), a Paid-To-Click (PTC) site and offers extremely valuable Text-Ad-Advertising. Furthermore it offers some really cool tools, like a Link-Tracker, a Popup-Generator and some other, as well as training tutorials. You could say it is an internet marketing toolbox, with many easy to use and ready to go applications.

LeadsLeap is really amazing, especially as it is very well put together and functioning as it is promised, all day long. We all know there are many promises out there, and often programs and system are not even close to being able to deliver on these promises. This is different with LeadsLeap.

LeadsLeap is free to join, although some advanced features do cost a low monthly fee, but there are many members still using only the free features after years, because they really offer value.

Click Here Now To Join LeadsLeap

I know, you might be skeptical whether LeadsLeap is really worth the effort of joining, and giving it a try. All I can say here is, if I were you, just do it. The value, that you will get for free is definitely worth it.

Why Is The LeadsLeap Traffic-Exchange So Unique, You Might Wonder?

The brilliant part with the LeadLeap Traffic-Exchange is that you get credited for every 5 seconds that you are actively surfing a site and you will keep getting credited every 5 seconds for up to 5 minutes. Yes of course you have to be actively surfing the site, otherwise you will not be credited. This is really cool and innovative, as you do not need to rush to the next site, if one website caught your interest.

Is The LeadsLeap Link-Tracker Worth The Time?

The free Link-Tracker you will get with LeadsLeap does not only track visitors and hits, but also gives you clues whether these visitors are real or just bots. This is an amazing feature to find out whether a traffic source is worth the money and effort, or not. The full version of the Link-Tracker is included in your free LeadsLeap membership.

Just click the banner below to join LeadsLeap now:

Click Here To Join LeadsLeap Now.

I Could Go On For Hours…

… Telling you more about the functions of LeadsLeap and how it works – and maybe I will ad to this short article in the near future – but I actually think it is far more pleasing to uncover things live and for real. So just click below and get started with LeadsLeap.

Click Here Now To Join LeadsLeap

Be aware, LeadsLeap is save, free to join and very well done. If you do not like what you will find inside, you can leave with the click of a button and that’s it. If you don’t want to stay and take value out of LeadsLeap, you are always free to leave.

PS: Did I mention the List-Building tool integrated in LeadsLeap? Trust me, you have to check this out. The combination of list-building and keeping people on your list motivated and tuned in is absolutely unique and unseen in the internet marketing industry so far.

Do not wait another minute, join now:

Click Here To Join LeadsLeap Now.

Thanks for reading this LeadsLeap review until its end, and I hope you found some value in it. Hopefully until next time.

To Your Success,