How To Succeed With CrowdRising – A Review

Already heard of CrowdRising? If you want to know what it is all about and how to succeed with it, keep reading…

What Is CrowdRising?

CrowdRising is a peer-to-peer-direct-funding-platform. It allows members to send direct donations from one member to the other. The more people you invite, the more donations you get, and the value of the donations will also increase over time.

What Is Really Cool With CrowdRising?

  • The platform is free to use, without any admin fees
  • A one-time donation of just $20 has the potential to bring you a substantial amount of donations
  • team leaders¬†will be offered the potential to really build something here
  • A very supportive and helpful Facebook group
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What Do You Need To Get Started With CrowdRising?

You will need to have a Paypal or Payza wallet funded with $20. A Bitcoin Wallet for later and bigger donations might make sense, but this can be acquired over time. The willingness to learn and being open, in relation with some internet marketing or network marketing skills should be there; otherwise it will be hard to find and invite new people for the purpose of donating.

How To Succeed With CrowdRising?

First of all you need to join the CrowdRising platform and make your first donation of $20. Once you have done that, you need to invite people to join you through your unique referral-link, which you will find in the members area of the CrowdRising platform.

There are many options on how to share your personal CrowdRising-Referral-Link with other people. Perhaps you already know people who might be interested in CrowdRising, which you can tell about it; or you can utilize advertising programs on the internet, like Traffic Exchanges. There are also options to advertise on Social Media Sites like Facebook or Twitter.

Be creative and courageous, try some things and check out what will work for you, and if you need help, or are lost, feel free to ask for help in the CrowdRising Facebook group. There is usually always someone ready to help.

And just for the case you missed the last link to the CrowdRising platform, here it is again:

CrowdRising Banner
Click the banner to join CrowdRising.


I think CrowdRising is a worthwhile platform with the potential to help many people in receiving donations, but of course it is not for everyone, and it requires you to come up with some action and creativity in order to make it work out.

I hope you liked my short review and I also hope you will give CrowdRising a try.